Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Word of the Week:

Prounounced: sky-v

Definition: to be absent without leave.

"Where wur ye fourth period? Wur ye skivving?"

"See your brother, he's a right skivver!"

This is something I was particularly good at.


Stephanie said...

this is the highlight of my week! I'm already looking forward to next week!

Tracy Ngu said...

Cool word!! I am going to start using it and wow all my IRL friends! As soon as I get some that is!!;)

Anonymous said...

I want to skive off work (is that how you'd use it?)

Beth said...

Dad was in the Navy and they just called it AWOL. Skivvies were underwear. If you combined the two meanings would that mean that you forgot to wear your undies one day? Sorry. It's late and we just had apple pie and ice cream. I think it's beginning to effect me.