Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Word of the Week!

Word: Ginger or ginge.

Someone with red hair is said to be ginger. Ginger hair is seen as a curse in Scotland and people with it will say they have red/strawberry blonde hair instead of admitting to being ginger - like my mum.

"The worst thing it is possible to have. It is believed to have originated when some Egyptian god or other decided that bad people deserved to have a ridiculous
colour hairdo. When shaved can often be mistaken for a Scotch egg."

"Yer maw's a ginge AND she huz ginger freckles!" "Shut it!"

Disclaimer: I ofcourse have no problem with ginger people.


Emily said...

Those freaky gingers!!

Well, lucky for me, my hair really IS strawberry blond! haha

Laurie said...

Your mom is the cutest girl ever in that photo.

Rusti said...

You should know I'm totally using these. lol

I was just reading that your sister is expecting again! Holy crapola! How's she feeling??

BTW- I may or may not have tagged you on my blog. You should probably check on that. ;)