Sunday, March 9, 2008


For the blackened chicken alfredo recipe go to Stu's blog.

And for the Thai Red Curry go here.


Jessica and Tanner said...

Oh my gosh... yeah our Layla is a squeaker. It's one of those things that I'm not quite sure how to handle. I mean, she's not crying or screaming. But it's not a pleasant noise either. Really, it's just an expression of happiness on her part, so I feel bad covering her mouth. She doesn't quite understand the meaning of "shhhh" just yet either, although if you listen close enough you'll hear me "shh"-ing her with every squeak. Maybe I should just take her out of the meeting. Sorry, although I guess you're welcome too for the entertainment.

As for the scrapbooking, I'm going to give it another go tonight/tomorrow morning (while Layla's snoozing). If I need assistance, I will give you a ring for sure. Thanks!

Jessica and Tanner said...

OH! And I really wish there was a little alarm/buzzer that went off in my house whenever there was yummy food served at your home. So then I could run over at just the right moment and steal a taste. Everything always looks delicious.

Shannon said...

Go here, go there! You're bossy!

Laura said...

You love it!

Sherpa said...

You're a dear.

beki said...

hey hey hey lola, i have a recipe for you!
as i know how much stuart likes to cook with chicken soup!!
get 4 chicken chests
i tin of campbells condenced cream of chicken soup
one tub of single cream
5 table spoons of curry powder

preheat your over to 190
mix the soup and cream and curry powder together in a pirex dish, place your chicken in it and swoosh it around a bit to get it al covered up....stick it in the over for about an hour and a half and then eat tastes ace!
ask dad he'll tell you i made it for him today.
love you xxx