Friday, March 21, 2008

Word of The Week!

The week has flown by and I almost completely forgot!

Word: Choc-a-bloc
Definition: crowded or packed.

"Ah could hardly move up the High Street. It wuz choc-a-bloc wie *neds!"
(I could hardly move in the town centre. It was packed with young hooligans.)

*Neds are a very specific type of young hooligan. I've not seen any in America. Thank goodness.

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Jessica and Tanner said...

I think I scared your husband. I was delivering an Easter egg to the Sieler's and saw Stuart walking in from his car. I'm sure he had no idea who I was, because I was wearing two sweatshirts with the hood cords pulled tight, so only a little bit of my face was showing. Kind of scary now that I think about it. I tried to smile to make it less scary, but that probably just made it worse, because you couldn't see my whole face. Sorry Stuart.