Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bag Tag

I'm going to rename this "How much junk can fit into one bag tag"...

Here we have a marvelous collection of goodies.
1 notebook and pen.
1 Color Code by Taylor Hartmand, PhD. (I'm white, with equal blue/yellow.)
An assortment of lip balms - 1 fruit, 1 mint and 1 nut
2 Chanel no. 5 hand lotions
2 hair bobbles
4 fortune cookie fortunes
1 MP3 player
1 set of speakers
1 bottle of anti-acids AKA after dinner mints
1 actual after dinner mint
1 crappy digital camera
1 set of batteries
1 box of Stay Awake pills (from roadtrip)
1 bottle of tylenol (for "back attacks")
1 sheet of stamps
1 safety pin
1 money purse

I usually carry another little clutch type purse in my big bag with 'girly things' in it.
So there you have it. That's what I lug about when I'm out and about. Just call me Mary Poppins.

I tag Megan, Emma, Jessica, Rachel, Sally, Rachel F., Kassi, Siobhan, Aileen, and every other female I know...
Take a picture of your bag and a picture of the contents...


CTR2002 said...

Hey! That book... is it good? I've been meaning to read it. :)

mandy said...

wow thats quiet the bag. :) Its fun to see what everyone is carrying around huh? :)
what kind of camera do you have?

Josh-Sally-Annabelle Yates said...

Looks like you are always prepared!!

Atkins Family said...

And you wonder why your back keeps hurting! :)

Anonymous said...

I took that test in the book ages ago! I am Blue with a touch less white, a nice smear of yellow and a hint of red. OK I'll get to it, you won't be that impressed though-heh heh.