Saturday, April 12, 2008

Safe and sound.

We arrived safely and soundly about an hour ago. I've got stuff to do just now but thought I'd let everyone know we survived the 13 hour drive. I'll post pictures and stories later on.


CTR2002 said...

Got a postcard for you... just need an addy... send one along, won't you? :)

Anonymous said...

Long drives suck. It gets longer with kids though...nice thought, eh? I live about 45 miles south of Missoula. Depending on what way you went, you may have passed by.

The book I was on about was Twilight. Sorry, I should have said. I totally thought it was a British book, no wonder I couldn't find it. Plus, it would have helped to remember the name. When we have money again (realistically, in 5 years) soon, I'll have to grab a copy and read it. I actually bought The Gruffalo. Ian and I had been viewing it on Juniour Jackanory for ages and he loved it, so I bought it while I was there.

Glad you made it there safe.

Tracy Ngu said...

I am glad you arrived safely! Sorry I didn't answer your MSN IM yesterday! I was on the phone with my family and didn't even notice it until like a half hour later. I had the sound turned down so I didn't hear any "pings".