Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Websense hates Video Chat!

I just want to see my little sister, dang it!

Is there anyone out there who is inflicted with websense who has found a way to use and view webcams? I'm using Skype but for some reason I can't view the webcam but I can send my own... It's driving me batty!


LeaAnne said...

I don't do well with Skype either! I just keep using IM and the video call.. I wish I could get it figured out too :)

spyderette said...

YES! it's called SightSpeed and you can download it for free! your sis will need to register and download as well and you will have to list one another in your userlist or whatever it's called on sightspeed.

it walks you through set-up, including a video and sound check ,and once you get it all adjusted it works pretty well.

good luck!

spyderette said...

i don't know why my comment didn't you moderate? if not, just PM me through SOS...i have the solution for you!