Saturday, May 31, 2008

I dream of Jesus.

Seriously. I had the weirdest dream last night. Jesus sleeps in our garage and lets me hang out with him when he gets home for the night. He keeps himself pretty busy though.

I don't think I've ever dreampt of Jesus before. When I woke up I was so confused, it was all a little blurry but piece by piece the memory of the dream fell into place. I think it might have something to do with seeing Prince Caspian last weekend...

Friday, May 30, 2008


I was tagged by Sally.

3 Joys
1) Creating. Painting, sewing, scrapbooking, book making, writing, cooking, decorating, taking pictures. I love it all. I'm a very visual person and need some kind of creative outlet to engage in regularly.

2) Entertaining. I love (and miss) having people over for dinner/games/movie/hang out/fun. We tried really hard the first couple of years at school to have people over atleast once a week. This last school year we slacked a bit because Stuart was really busy. I can't wait to have my own home so I can do that again.

3) Traveling. I was raised in a family that went on regular outings together. We'd go on all sorts of spontanious adventures. I'm all about the adventures.

3 Fears
1) Natural Sponges. I know, I'm a freak but there's something about natural sponges that make me want to throw up...

2) Pain. I hate pain and avoid it. Since hurting my back last summer I've become very cautious and boring. I don't want to feel pain that I'm not prepared for ever again.

3) My parents or siblings dying before I get a chance to see them again. Morbid I know but it's one of my biggest fears. Especially not having enough money in the bank to even make getting home a possibility right now.

3 Goals
1) To own (and live in) a home near the sea. I've always lived close to the sea and really miss it. Hopefully when Stuart's done with Dental School (2013?) we'll be able to live in a house in a coastal town.

2) To write a book. I have one that I'm working on at the moment. My biggest writing goal would be to write a book that would pay off all our schooling debts and future schooling debts. That would be nice.

3) To start a family soon. Easier said than done.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
1) Currently at the top of my priority list these days is talking to my little sister. It doesn't happen half as much as I'd like but when we do talk it makes my day.

2) Stuart thinks I'm obsessed with getting a sun tan. I'm not obsessed (especially after getting burnt) but I do LOVE to sit outside in the sunshine. The tan is just a bonus plus it makes me look healthier and that makes me happy.

3) The closest thing to a collection that I have is shoes... lots of them. I got rid of a lot when we moved. I got a cute little pair of grey Steve Madden's last week to go with my cute little shirt dress.

3 Random, Surprising Facts About Me
1) I hate to complain and hate to hear complaints/excuses. When I hear excuses it makes me more determinded to never make one. I don't tell anyone when my back is really hurting or when I'm homesick because I hate to whine and complaining never really helps, does it? Right now I detest hearing people complain about their children. If you don't want them, give them to me. If not then stop complaining.

2) I have a tattoo. Ok, so it's not a real one but when I was in Primary 5 I got stabbed right below my eye with a pencil and I still have the mark to show for it. A tattoo. I also used to want to be tattoo artist because I love to draw and I quite like the look of some tattoo's.

3) I can write backwards almost as well as I can write normally. Stuart thinks it has something to do with my dyscalculia and it probably does. Stuart on the other hand is very equal brained and can't write backwards and can't read backwards without a mirror.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ready, set...


Saturday: A very short/too short chat with Beki online. Ikea in the morning. Ixtapa's for lunch (yuck). The Jansport kids worked til 11am so we got to have lunch together and hang out for the rest of the day - Megan was white water rafting instead.
Sunday: Church in the morning. Then a surprise visit from Scott and Aileen in the afternoon with their wee man, Brock; who is cuter in real life. They visited for a short bit. We then had a call from some new friends inviting us over for games that night. Instead we had them come over for dinner (bbq) with Stuart's family and we watched National Treasure 2 afterwards. I also finished reading The Host.
Monday (Memorial Day): We got up early to have breakfast (french toast and bacon) and then headed off to Deception Pass. It was kind of drizzly when we got there. Then we went to the Krispy Kreme bakery. I had their Very Blueberry Cake and now it's my favorite. Mmmm.

We got home and had some lunch THEN we went to see Prince Caspian for free because Josh, Stuart's little brother works at the cinema.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday: Hike Day.

Saturday was a scorcher of a day. We had been planning all week on going out as a family on a hike. Part way through the week it seemed that Stuart, Megan and Danielle wouldn't be able to go and that left me and Beth; Stuart's mum to go with his dad on a hike. I'm not much up to long hikes these days with the old back injury. Thankfully they didn't have to work and were able to go on the hike. whilst Beth and I walked a mile then sat and chatted a while.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The human lint roller...

I'm slathered in Aloe Vera and feel like a human lint roller. I have fluff, hair and popcorn stuck on my arms from lying on the floor...

I did suntan... eep!

Yesterday after church I sat outside reading. It felt like I was only outside for an hour tops... When I came inside I was a bit of a mess. A mess which is worse on the second day. Oh dear.

I'm burnt to a crisp. When I see my reflection I can hardly recognise myself. I've never had sunburnt legs before now, that's how I know it's bad. I hope it rains soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm with Oscar...

The real crime really was the beard.

I will suntan.

Today is a super sunny day. It's not even 10.30am and I'm outside roasting. Love it! The grass is a little dewy still - a little dew never killed anyone, right?... That was punny! This is the kind of day I've been waiting for. I plan on staying outside all day reading, listening to music and watching last nights episode of The Office. Happy day! I might take a look online for a cheap sun chair. I'm the only one here who really sits outside. I get that from my mum. She's a tanorexic. Anyway...

Stuart, Megan and Danielle all work tomorrow which is really sad but they get off work at 2pm and after that we plan on going somewhere for them to hike whilst Beth and I hang out. I wish they weren't working though. I think this weekend might be the weekend we take out our kites and play some serious tetherball.

Yesterday I bought a swimming suit from Delias. I can't wait for it to arrive - so I can even out my farmer tan. Ok, well, there you have it... I'm trying hard not to be sad anymore. Wish me luck.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's not raining men...

For Mother's Day we were clueless about what to give my MIL. I came up with the brilliant idea of a digital picture frame. I had originally wanted to take a nice picture of the 4 kids and have it framed all nice-like but Mother's Day snuck up on us. Everyone was up for getting their picture's taken though so we went and did that and put them on the digital frame.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It DOES rain here!

I've lived in the Seattle area for just over half of my 4 years here in America on and off. Everyone always talks about how it always rains in Washington but the whole time I've been here it really hadn't rained that much BUT this week it's been really rainy and I love it! I'm very aware of the weather patterns and what it means when it rains for few days at a time - it means there's going to be atleast one gloriously sunny day and then some more rain. This weekend it's meant to hit 80'f. That means a picnic and some kite flying and probably more tetherball. Yes! I'm excited for the weekend - I hope Stuart doesn't have to work. I suppose I'm more anxious for the weekend...

When the weather is the topic of a post you know there's not much going on here. Stuart's still working overtime and enjoying it... Yep.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Beki makes a good point...

I hate that your blog hasn't got heaps of picts of me and you together we dont
hang out anymore tsk!come home!!!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The new one.

(In my best Rolf Harris voice:) Can you tell what it is yet?!

It is a baby and it looks like it might already be wearing clothes...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Even up.

Beki finds out tomorrow if she's having a boy or a girl. I would like to predict that it's going to be a boy. Ok?

I put up some new pictures of her kids on her blog if anyone is interested.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ice-cream, Tetherball and Friendship shoes...

Friday was pay day so I was all set to go put Stuart's cheque in the bank when he got home. Megan and Danielle came too. They had planned a surprise trip to Dairy Queen. So off we went. Then we went to one of my favorite spots here in town and ate our ice-cream and played.

Then later on Stuart took me to Target because I looked like this a lot of the week, curly haired and dowr. -
We bought a monster tetherball set and 2 kites. We're getting set for summer fun. When we got the tetherball thingy it reminded me of a summer when I was growing up. We lived in Brechin so I was probably 9 or 10. My family never really had a disposable income but we always spent time together BUT it was the last day of school before the summer holidays. We came home from school to find my mum and dad had bought us a bunch of summer toys. One of the games was a tetherball set except it was the British version. Instead of it being a big ball on the end it's a tennis ball and you hit it with bats. It brought back a lot of fun memories and I'm REALLY excited to play it.

Saturday is was rainy and Megan was feeling quite sad so we went to the Outlet Mall. We went to the Converse shop where we bought some shoes. Matching shoes. Friendship shoes.
I always wanted a pair of black Chuck's to wear with my black cord's and now I have them! Yaay! I also bought a dress that is very cute. Megan bought board shorts and a tshirt. On the way out we went to Rocky Mountain Candy Factory and got an Avalanche Apple, now dubbed Crazy Apple. That was the yummiest apple I've ever had. Someone is very clever for opening that shop. Genius! We were able to save one piece for Stuart, barely.
Look how happy that apple makes Megan and she hasn't even tasted it yet!
On the way home we stopped at the fair/carnival/The Shows. We didn't go on any rides but next week we would like to go with our loved ones.
Then we came home and played tetherball in the rain.
And then the game was over...
Then we played Rockband and Singstar into the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Unproductive = Miserable.

Yesterday was very unproductive for me. I wanted to do something to help out in the house but couldn't figure out what. The most obvious thing is the dishwasher but the bending and lifting isn't good. So I sat all day pretty much alone. Everyone is busy but me. Everyone can go place, but me. Come dinner time I was ready to cry.

Today I got up and got dressed - I put a little more effort into what I'm wearing. I even tweezed my eyebrows. Beth left at 10 and said she wouldn't be back til noon. I emptied and refilled the dishwasher and now here I am doing something I plan on doing more of - blogging. Blogging helps me be aware of how I spend my time because I like to recap on what I do with my day.

A couple of nights ago Megan and I went to drop off some film to be developed and then took some books to the library. On the way home we stopped at a park and took some pictures... So there you have it.