Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It DOES rain here!

I've lived in the Seattle area for just over half of my 4 years here in America on and off. Everyone always talks about how it always rains in Washington but the whole time I've been here it really hadn't rained that much BUT this week it's been really rainy and I love it! I'm very aware of the weather patterns and what it means when it rains for few days at a time - it means there's going to be atleast one gloriously sunny day and then some more rain. This weekend it's meant to hit 80'f. That means a picnic and some kite flying and probably more tetherball. Yes! I'm excited for the weekend - I hope Stuart doesn't have to work. I suppose I'm more anxious for the weekend...

When the weather is the topic of a post you know there's not much going on here. Stuart's still working overtime and enjoying it... Yep.

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Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

It does rain here! I went to the zoo today with a friend and got soaked. What were we thinking?!