Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ready, set...


Saturday: A very short/too short chat with Beki online. Ikea in the morning. Ixtapa's for lunch (yuck). The Jansport kids worked til 11am so we got to have lunch together and hang out for the rest of the day - Megan was white water rafting instead.
Sunday: Church in the morning. Then a surprise visit from Scott and Aileen in the afternoon with their wee man, Brock; who is cuter in real life. They visited for a short bit. We then had a call from some new friends inviting us over for games that night. Instead we had them come over for dinner (bbq) with Stuart's family and we watched National Treasure 2 afterwards. I also finished reading The Host.
Monday (Memorial Day): We got up early to have breakfast (french toast and bacon) and then headed off to Deception Pass. It was kind of drizzly when we got there. Then we went to the Krispy Kreme bakery. I had their Very Blueberry Cake and now it's my favorite. Mmmm.

We got home and had some lunch THEN we went to see Prince Caspian for free because Josh, Stuart's little brother works at the cinema.


Jessica and Tanner said...

Sound like a fun filled weekend!

Two questions:

Was the Host good and worth reading??

And how was Prince Caspian?

I could really use your help. Thanks! Oh, I was going to ask if you've been downtown Seattle yet? Any sight seeing trips?

Tracy Ngu said...

What a great weekend! We didn't do anything.

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I miss you!!!!! I met this lady at church on Sunday that had an accent. I asked her where she was from and she said Australia (which has nothing to do with Scotland other than their allegience or rather un-allegience to the queen of England) but it made me think of you and get really sad. Then she taught the lesson and I got to hear that lovely accent for forty-five minutes straight. She poured salt on my wound!

Chiemi said...

How fun! I love that beach and all the cool critters and stuff. Mmmm doughnuts. :)

bethiepoos said...

oooh laura krispy kreme donuts... they have really helped me to get over fudge doughnuts from fisher and donaldson!!
ps I am going over next week for jennys wedding!