Thursday, June 19, 2008

And Rachel Fry makes...


Along with all my friends who are due in January I have some due sooner and a few who popped this past week/month...

Beth and Steve, congratulations.
Ali and Justice, congratulations.
Megan and Matt, congratulations!
Alicia and Scott, Congratulations!
Candace and Jason, Congratulations.

Everyone needs to slow down now. You're making me look bad. Seriously.

Shannon, Beki, Sandra, Kizzie, Lacey, Melanie, Kassi, Candace, Joycelyn, Jen... the countdown is on for all of you (and the ones I've forgotten.)


Kizzie and Andy said...

Something's in the air I guess. I know a TON of pregnant people, and it seems like there's someone new announcing it every day!
4 weeks and counting for me, then I'll be off your list! :)

Scott and Stacia said...

Wow!! Thanks for the I am going to go get a look at all these cute little ones.

I have been busy. Planning to post today :) Things here are good! Thanks for bugging me about not posting!

Candace Duce said...

Thanks for the congrats Laura!! I love your site, it's gorgeous!!