Wednesday, June 18, 2008


You know it's time to update when people start leaving comments on your blog asking how you're doing :S Ok, ok! Here I go...

This week I've had a cold. Everyone else has had it too and it only lasted a day on them. I'm on day 3 now. I wonder if I'm not used to American germs? Hm. It seems to be going away, or travelling around my head atleast. The pressure started in my eyes, I had tears running down my face all day. Then yesterday it was in my ears, they seem to feel better now that it's wandered off to my throat. My nose isn't as runny and I was able to sleep better last night.

Monday evening Stuart's grandparents came into town to visit. I've been quarantined whilst they get to go have fun. Today they're at the zoo :( Hopefully they have something fun to do tomorrow when I'll feel 100% better! I really wanted to go to the zoo. Oh well. They'll be here til Friday morning.

On Sunday Stuart was looking for something online and ended up with a huge virus on our laptop. Curses. It was so bad that he couldn't open the 'start' menu or delete the bloody thing. He had to reinstall everything on the computer. We've not been able to connect to wireless since then. Today I can't make it connect to anything so I'm on my MIL's computer whilst they're at the zoo. Did I mention they've all gone to the zoo? Sob.

Last Friday we went to see the new Indiana Jones film - Stu didn't have to work on Saturday. The film was alright. Harrison Ford still has it but I'm not sure if Steven Spielberg does.

Other than that nothing's really been going on. The weather's been good - super sunny or rainy. I like both. Stuart's not working over time this week so he gets home an hour earlier which is nice.

I'm aiming for 20 preggo friends now. The 10 I know of are all due around the same time, there are other who are due sooner. Pregnant? You're my friend? Tell me! I need to write down the names so I remember...


Jessica and Tanner said...

I'm sorry you missed out on the zoo. The gorillas are my personal favorite. Hopefully you feel better now.

Oh the joy fruit pizza brings! It's pretty much a big huge sugar cookie with a cream cheese/cool whip frosting and any fruit you desire. I've made it with homemade cookie dough, but recently I've discovered that the store bought rolls of dough, do the job just as well. The frosting is made with one 8oz. package of cream cheese and one regular size tub of cool whip... oh and 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. Just whip the cheese and sugar together, then fold in the whip! Arrange the fruit on top and voila!

Shannon said...

ME! But thankfully, not for TOO much longer. :)

Chiemi said...

That really sucks that you are sick and unable to have fun. I hope that you are feeling better soon!