Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here's some more jelly... fish.

I could have taken a BILLION pictures of the Jelly fish.

We stayed in the aquarium section the longest. Everytime I turned around Stuart would be gone to see another thing in it. The seahorses were some of our favorite things there. Look at these ones below, crazy, huh?
When we were driving in to the zoo we drove past these. I had no idea what the heck they were. Muskoxen. Yeah. I hope I'm not the only person never to have heard or seen them before. They're huge beasts. To me they look a bit like the scary wolf pig things in Willow. This picture is of one being chased. When it started a guy there shouted, "Stampeeeede!" I almost wet myself...with fear.
These little guys were so funny. There was a little girl standing infront of us laughing her head of. She thought they were hilarious. It was really cute. They are playful little chaps. Seattle is really colourful. I love colour which means I love Seattle.

Who doesn't love elephants?

We saw some of these little cave fish things that had teeny-wee eyes. They looked blind and really kind of frightened me. I couldn't get a picture of them but Stuart's reflection on the tank looks just like one. Stuart can be hilarious. This past weekend reminded me that he's not as predictable as I sometimes think. I love him.


Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I love the zoo. It looks like you do too. I love the pictures of the seahorses. They were so cool.

Lawther family said...

I love the zoo! Looks like so much fun going on up there.

beki said...

you know polar bears can run they can climb they can swim and apart from the leopard seal its the only mamal that activly hunts man!! scary!