Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from 'gon.

At about 11am on Thursday it was decided by the Jansporters (Stuart and his sisters) that they were asking for two days off to go down to Grants Pass, Oregon. They got time off and were home at 3pm. We were on the road at 4pm which put the time of arrival in Oregon at 12am.

On Friday we went to the Oregon Caves. Stuart seems to really love caves because he

talks about them often. My experience of caves with Stuart is not so much a fond memory but I was game for checking out said caves. They had a little orientation thing where we were told that there's 521-ish steep steps in the caves. Steps are my nemesis since the back attack but I still wanted to go. Then they said we'd be bending down to about 41 inches regularly.

Steps + bending = stupid-for-laura-and-potentially-dangerous.

I didn't go and was in quite the huff when Stuart, his sisters and his dad left for the adventure. It was also sweltering hot outside but in the caves it was around 40'f. I'd have liked to have been in the cool caves. Instead Stuart's gran and grandpa bought me lunch from a 1920's tea room and then I went on a hike with grandpa. Grandpa Jack is in his 70's and is fitter than anyone I know. It puts me to shame. He races the youth from church and beats them. So the hike was about 1.3 miles. We went down quite a lot and I knew I was going to have a really hard time. Hills are very discouraging for me. Down is fine but once you go down you have to go back up. The hike down was really nice, it took us down to a little river and there was a nice cool breeze coming off the water. The hike down was the .3 of the 1.3 miles. When we got down grandpa, who is well aware of how challenging hills are for me, asked if I wanted to go back up the .3 or if I wanted to keep going. I chose to keep going because walking is good for my back. Uuuuuh. I'm a dummy. We had no water and it was 100'f. The path up the hill was steep and narrow and I was having a case of the dizzies (Arrested Developement, anyone?) At one point going up the hill I stumbled and grandpa had to grab the back of my tshirt so I wouldn't plunge to my death. I was also wearing flip flops that kept slipping off when I was going up hill. I took 3 breaks in the space of 15 minutes. My feet were filthy by the end of the day.

We got back in time to get some water and then the cave tour came out.

Stuart and I got some of Stuart's favorite Oregon food (Abbey's Pizza and potatoes) for dinner whilst everyone else went to Abu's. We sat out on the patio and ate whilst watching an episode of The Pretender on lappy. Drive-in style.When we got our pizza it was this hot...
All in all it was a nice break. If we did nothing else this summer those few days in Oregon were enough.

Sara - come rob us when we're in Rexburg :-)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm in Oregon.

We decided spur of the moment (my favorite) to come down to Oregon for the weekend. We'll be back on Monday night :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy (Belated) Anniversary!

Emma and Niels!
(I know you hate this picture, Emma but I don't have any other ones.)
If I were to get you a traditional anniversary gift it would be made of paper. Here's some things I'm pretending I got for you:
A picture of Irvine (where we were born) - I think mum has one like this?

Some paper lanterns but cooler than these.

OR a picture of some paper lanterns hanging in Seoul, South Korea where Emma was for 10 months.
Or perhaps some spring roll wrappers made from rice paper. Yum yum...
Or maybe The Little Prince on DVD - based on Emma's favorite book Le Petit Prince.

The possibilities really are endless.


Just one whole week and a bit til we leave for Disneyland. Anyone got any more tips for us? We're also going to the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld... Woo Wooooo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Dream.

Since we've been married we've always spoken and dreampt about settling down. Now with Stuart being done with BYU-idaho this coming April it seems like we're getting closer to the end of that road.

I remember our first Sunday in Rexburg and trudging through the snow (with a kidney infection) to get to church - Stuart was sure where it was but we never did make it. The thoughts of it finally just being the two of us were over powered with anxiety and wondering what we'd done and how long we'd last in the coldest place on earth. That memory is as clear as day to me. I also remember us being 2 years into his education there and celebrating the start of the down-hill from there. For some reason that memory seems further back than that first Sunday.

Now, we're down to the last school year. Stuart's mid-school crisis is over and he's decided on definatley going to Dental School even though the thought of another four years of schooling is torturous it's the only thing that sits comfortably in our minds.

We're so excited to be starting the next down-hill part of the journey towards our ultimate goal of settling down. It's also exciting and encouraging to see some of our friends achieve the dream. It makes us see that it is actually possible.

I think I'm so reflective about this just now because we're expecting Stuart to be laid off from Jansport sometime this week (we were hoping for today) and that in itself is a milestone. This is our last summer before he's a graduate and hopefully that means he won't have to work there again and we won't have to live with parents again. I'm starting to feel a real need for some stability. Life with Stuart is stable but we need to work on being stable just the two of us... This probably just makes sense to me. 'Stable' probably isn't the right word...

Someday we'll have our own home where we can plant our roots and grow from. Someday we'll have space and a bedroom that's actually ours for more than 6 months at a time. Until then we'll continue preparing for the adventures that await us by talking to each other when we're meant to be asleep and sharing our dreams of writing a classic and having a big happy family...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Maltby Cafe.

Stuart and Megan didn't have to work today so we decided to go to the Maltby Cafe for breakfast. The place is always packed and you usually have to wait quite a long time to be seated but today being Monday we only had to wait a couple minutes and we were served super fast. Yuuuuuum!

Country Style Eggs Benedict. Perfection. I didn't even need to salt or pepper it.

The picture is horrendous but it was tasty. Honest.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn: The Review!

Firstly, let me explain that I read the book after hearing lots of nasty, negative stuff about it and I put it all to the back of my mind and ignored it so it wouldn't affect (effect?) what I thought about it. Also, the negativity is really ugly to me and you're probably about to see the truely ugly side of Laura. I want to like the book so leave me comments and help me...

I apologise in advance, this will turn into a rant no doubt.

Beware ye! Spoilers lie ahead.

1. I'm bothered that the books were marketed as 'young adult' and then this last one was pretty raunchy and not at all 'young adult'. 13 and 14 year olds read these books?! I understand that you pull in an audience with the first 3 books and it wouldn't be fair to write a finale that they aren't allowed to read - so don't write it! It wasn't appropriate for 13 year olds regardless of religion or whatever whatever.

1b. Too much sex and breaking furniture and such. Show a little respect. I thought Esmee loved that headboard. How rude of them.

2. I liked that the wedding was at the start of the book and that they actually got married before the nookie started. That's a good message for all the teeny-boppers.

3. I didn't like that it seemed she re-started developing characters ie. giving Emmett and Jasper nicknames? Jasper didn't seem the same in this book at all. I hoped him being called "Jazz" would be a one time thing. It wasn't.

3b. I did however like seeing a softer side of Edward but he was a softy the whole time.

3c. Where did Bella from the other books go? Why didn't she slip down the stairs in her wedding dress or pelt someone with her bouquet?

3d. Jasper's powers seemed to change too - since when could he tell why people were feeling certain ways? I knew he could feel their emotion but there were a couple parts where he responds to the emotion by telling Alice to let it go (or something like that)... He never did that before. His power seemed stronger and more defined than it was in the other books.
Why couldn't Bella stayed a little clumsy? She sucked at being human, why'd she have to be so perfectly vampire? I wanted her to bump into a tree or something.
4. Overuse of the word "chagrin". I eventually had to look it up to find out what the check it meant! (Don't scoff me!) At one point I ready to quit the book because of the 'word' "swum"... Uuuh, that was bad. Very bad. I might not have known what chagrin meant but I knew for sure 'swum' wasn't a word. It was much to my chagrin. (See what I did there?)5. I think that she could have saved this book and made it into another vampire story - not Twilight. It just doesn't seem to fit the other books. She could have made a series of vampire stories if she'd held her horses... Think of the money! Not many people will be rushing out to pre-order her next book (even if pre-ordering it means you'll get it the day of the release. Pah!) She's going to have to come up with something really good - but she's probably loaded now and can really write stories for herself now.

5b. Too Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I know, like there could ever be such a thing but the other books aren't like that.
6. I was Team Jacob and he was gyped. I was thinking he'd imprint on Leah but he didn't... I don't get it. How that worked out sort of freaks me out. Poor guy. For the love!

6b. I'd been defending the whole imprinting thing and telling people "Oi! It's not a sexual thing! It's like an older brother protecting his little sister sort of deal. Sicko!" but I was made into a liar apparently. How I wish I was right.

7. Can you imagine this as a movie? (The book, not the little wig wearing chihuahua below...)

8. There didn't seem to be any sacrifice. I love a tragedy and I know people *ahem*Sarah*ahem* find that weird but this story had no balance. I wasn't connecting with anyone because everyone was so different from how they had been introduced. Oh, Alice saved everyone, that's nice. Irina was killed, too bad... I felt I should have felt more at that point at least. Someone important should have died. Where was Esme the whole book anyway? Everyone loves a martyr.

8b. It seemed like she was trying please everyone although she said she wrote it for herself but why get it published if you were writing it for yourself. That doesn't make much sense to me. Fanfiction?
9. Edward isn't meant to be able to reproduce! And the image of the baby is so frightening to me. I found myself on the verge nightmares when the little beast was breaking Bella's spine from inside the womb... the bruises... holy cow. That was probably the most powerful part of the book for me. Powerful and horrific! I'll never have children. Thanks a bunch AND I'm stunned (and jealous) that she got pregnant the first time. If by some chance he could didn't she say that all bodily fluid became venom? Why didn't doing the dirty make Bella into a vampire, if he had any... you know... yeah.

9b. Bella hates blood and it makes her sick. Why and how would she crave it and drink it? It's all too flip-floppy.

10... Do you really want me to go on?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another week bites the dust...

Today Stuart got sent home from work at 10am and has Monday off so we went out for a picnic lunch.
We grabbed a fire stone, brick oven (? I don't know what I'm talking about now) pizza. Stuart thought it was going to be gross but it's the best pizza I've had... ever? Maybe! YUM! It was Italiano Ranch- roast garlic, mushrooms, chicken, pepperoni, mozerella goodness...
Then we went to see the new The Mummy film.

I'm almost ready to review:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The California list:

I've always dreampt of going to California and seeing all the sites. In 3 weeks we'll be heading down to Disneyland with Stuart's family for a few days then the rest of the week we'll be in San Diego.

I've always been fascinated with the history of places and love seeing things. I think I inherited that from my dad. I've never actually been to a theme park before. Growing up I spent a lot of time in old places like York ("The North's spiritual capital for 2000 years, York is central to Britain's colourful history..."), Largs ("It was the site of the Battle of Largs in 1263, in which parts of a Scottish army attacked a small force of Norwegians..."), The Scottish Glens (as seen in the Harry Potter films. Here's some more films with Scottish scenes.) So going to Disneyland will be a new thing. When we go back though I want to see things.

1. The Hollywood sign.
2. The Golden Gate Bridge.
3. The Getty Centre.
4. In 'n' Out burgers.
5. Alcatraz.
6. Fisherman's Wharf.
7. Pier 39 - sea lions.
8. Jack Kerouac Alley.
9. Grauman's Chinese Theatre.
10. Kodak Theatre.
11. Lombard Street.
12. Old Sacramento.
13. Santa Monica Pier.
14. Yosemite National Park.
15. Hollywood Walk of Fame...

Monday, August 4, 2008

If I could photoshop my face I would...

Alright. Here's a list of random.

1. It's sunny today and I love it.

2. Just 3 weeks til Disneyland.

3. It would be nice if Stuart got laid-off at the end of this week so we have a week before Disneyland to go places.

4. I want to go to Oregon.

5. Four weeks until we go back to Rexburg.

6. I can't wait.

7. I'm already making my grocery shopping list in my head for when we go back to Rexburg. I'm that excited.

8. I miss cooking.

9. I had a slim-fast shake for breakfast today (with my lactaide pill) because I've been eating too much rubbish.

10. My book should be here tomorrow. I hope it'll be here today. Sometimes the shipping thing is off by a day. Right?

11. I need the loo.

12. I wish I could be a better friend.

13. I wish I could be in more than one place at a time so I could effectively be a better friend.

14. I think I'm going to send a care package to a friend this week.

15. I hope Beki gets the package I sent her last week soon.

16. I love playing Rockband with Stuart. I like it when I get 98% on hard when I sing.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love kites.

Breaking Dawn - Breaking my HEART!

I got my hair cut and I like it. It isn't as short as I usually get it which is fine. I'll post pictures some time. It's not a new hair cut though. Anyone who's seen me has seen this hair before. It feels nice to have it off my neck. Stuart likes it because he isn't being strangled/choked to death when we go to bed and I like it because he isn't pinning my head down by leaning on my locks...

Stuart's mum pre-ordered Breaking Dawn on Amazon for the girls. We thought that it would be shipped to arrive the day of the release (like Harry Potter) but no. It wasn't apparently UPS doesn't deliver on Saturday for one thing and the other thing is the book won't even be here on Monday but TUESDAY! We went to Target to get a copy when we realised this blunder but Target didn't have any. Surprise. I had by then worked myself into an excited tizzy that resulted in the mother of all headaches. But it's ok. The headache is gone and I believe I can actually wait til Tuesday for my book. I'm re-reading the books just now and they're feeding the hunger for the moment (but not *right* at this moment. It's fast Sunday and I'm terribly hungry for actual food.) So there you have it. I'm being taught patience or something.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Where the heck are you?! Bring me my BOOK! NOW!

Desperate distraction.

To distract myself from the slow delivery of Breaking Dawn - which I'm just assuming will arrive today - I'm going to get my hair cut in an hour.