Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from 'gon.

At about 11am on Thursday it was decided by the Jansporters (Stuart and his sisters) that they were asking for two days off to go down to Grants Pass, Oregon. They got time off and were home at 3pm. We were on the road at 4pm which put the time of arrival in Oregon at 12am.

On Friday we went to the Oregon Caves. Stuart seems to really love caves because he

talks about them often. My experience of caves with Stuart is not so much a fond memory but I was game for checking out said caves. They had a little orientation thing where we were told that there's 521-ish steep steps in the caves. Steps are my nemesis since the back attack but I still wanted to go. Then they said we'd be bending down to about 41 inches regularly.

Steps + bending = stupid-for-laura-and-potentially-dangerous.

I didn't go and was in quite the huff when Stuart, his sisters and his dad left for the adventure. It was also sweltering hot outside but in the caves it was around 40'f. I'd have liked to have been in the cool caves. Instead Stuart's gran and grandpa bought me lunch from a 1920's tea room and then I went on a hike with grandpa. Grandpa Jack is in his 70's and is fitter than anyone I know. It puts me to shame. He races the youth from church and beats them. So the hike was about 1.3 miles. We went down quite a lot and I knew I was going to have a really hard time. Hills are very discouraging for me. Down is fine but once you go down you have to go back up. The hike down was really nice, it took us down to a little river and there was a nice cool breeze coming off the water. The hike down was the .3 of the 1.3 miles. When we got down grandpa, who is well aware of how challenging hills are for me, asked if I wanted to go back up the .3 or if I wanted to keep going. I chose to keep going because walking is good for my back. Uuuuuh. I'm a dummy. We had no water and it was 100'f. The path up the hill was steep and narrow and I was having a case of the dizzies (Arrested Developement, anyone?) At one point going up the hill I stumbled and grandpa had to grab the back of my tshirt so I wouldn't plunge to my death. I was also wearing flip flops that kept slipping off when I was going up hill. I took 3 breaks in the space of 15 minutes. My feet were filthy by the end of the day.

We got back in time to get some water and then the cave tour came out.

Stuart and I got some of Stuart's favorite Oregon food (Abbey's Pizza and potatoes) for dinner whilst everyone else went to Abu's. We sat out on the patio and ate whilst watching an episode of The Pretender on lappy. Drive-in style.When we got our pizza it was this hot...
All in all it was a nice break. If we did nothing else this summer those few days in Oregon were enough.

Sara - come rob us when we're in Rexburg :-)


Chiemi said...

It sounds like it was a lot of fun even if you didn't go in the cave. Nice family outing. :)

Lawther family said...

I laughed so hard when I read your comment about Paka. :)
I love Oregon, I love those caves, I am a clutz too so I understand not going in... a smart move. :) Also Abby's pizza. So good! yummy! Glad you enjoyed yourself down there. Now imagine the heat on average being 110'f every day! Thats were I live! :(

Tracy Ngu said...

I love spur of the moment trips!! It sounds like fun but way too hot!! Yikes!

abritdifferent said...

Thought I'd stop by while you're enjoying yourself. Grrrrr!

You did great to all get out in an hour! I'm well impressed. I've wanted to go to Oregon, but hey, forget that if it's THAT hot. No way. Look like you had a great time though! I think you did the right thing when it came to the caves and your back, I was getting worried just reading it!

Brooke said...

OKay so I just barely saw the comment about your pet Haggis. I'm still laughing very very hard about it. Its still one of my favorite lies ever! Look slike you had a nice dirty time hiking. I can't believe you did it in flip flops. I hope you made your husband give you a foot rub, AFTEr you washed your feet!

Tracy Ngu said...

I am just checking to see if you're back from Disneyland! I can't wait to hear about it!!