Saturday, August 9, 2008

Breaking Dawn: The Review!

Firstly, let me explain that I read the book after hearing lots of nasty, negative stuff about it and I put it all to the back of my mind and ignored it so it wouldn't affect (effect?) what I thought about it. Also, the negativity is really ugly to me and you're probably about to see the truely ugly side of Laura. I want to like the book so leave me comments and help me...

I apologise in advance, this will turn into a rant no doubt.

Beware ye! Spoilers lie ahead.

1. I'm bothered that the books were marketed as 'young adult' and then this last one was pretty raunchy and not at all 'young adult'. 13 and 14 year olds read these books?! I understand that you pull in an audience with the first 3 books and it wouldn't be fair to write a finale that they aren't allowed to read - so don't write it! It wasn't appropriate for 13 year olds regardless of religion or whatever whatever.

1b. Too much sex and breaking furniture and such. Show a little respect. I thought Esmee loved that headboard. How rude of them.

2. I liked that the wedding was at the start of the book and that they actually got married before the nookie started. That's a good message for all the teeny-boppers.

3. I didn't like that it seemed she re-started developing characters ie. giving Emmett and Jasper nicknames? Jasper didn't seem the same in this book at all. I hoped him being called "Jazz" would be a one time thing. It wasn't.

3b. I did however like seeing a softer side of Edward but he was a softy the whole time.

3c. Where did Bella from the other books go? Why didn't she slip down the stairs in her wedding dress or pelt someone with her bouquet?

3d. Jasper's powers seemed to change too - since when could he tell why people were feeling certain ways? I knew he could feel their emotion but there were a couple parts where he responds to the emotion by telling Alice to let it go (or something like that)... He never did that before. His power seemed stronger and more defined than it was in the other books.
Why couldn't Bella stayed a little clumsy? She sucked at being human, why'd she have to be so perfectly vampire? I wanted her to bump into a tree or something.
4. Overuse of the word "chagrin". I eventually had to look it up to find out what the check it meant! (Don't scoff me!) At one point I ready to quit the book because of the 'word' "swum"... Uuuh, that was bad. Very bad. I might not have known what chagrin meant but I knew for sure 'swum' wasn't a word. It was much to my chagrin. (See what I did there?)5. I think that she could have saved this book and made it into another vampire story - not Twilight. It just doesn't seem to fit the other books. She could have made a series of vampire stories if she'd held her horses... Think of the money! Not many people will be rushing out to pre-order her next book (even if pre-ordering it means you'll get it the day of the release. Pah!) She's going to have to come up with something really good - but she's probably loaded now and can really write stories for herself now.

5b. Too Buffy The Vampire Slayer - I know, like there could ever be such a thing but the other books aren't like that.
6. I was Team Jacob and he was gyped. I was thinking he'd imprint on Leah but he didn't... I don't get it. How that worked out sort of freaks me out. Poor guy. For the love!

6b. I'd been defending the whole imprinting thing and telling people "Oi! It's not a sexual thing! It's like an older brother protecting his little sister sort of deal. Sicko!" but I was made into a liar apparently. How I wish I was right.

7. Can you imagine this as a movie? (The book, not the little wig wearing chihuahua below...)

8. There didn't seem to be any sacrifice. I love a tragedy and I know people *ahem*Sarah*ahem* find that weird but this story had no balance. I wasn't connecting with anyone because everyone was so different from how they had been introduced. Oh, Alice saved everyone, that's nice. Irina was killed, too bad... I felt I should have felt more at that point at least. Someone important should have died. Where was Esme the whole book anyway? Everyone loves a martyr.

8b. It seemed like she was trying please everyone although she said she wrote it for herself but why get it published if you were writing it for yourself. That doesn't make much sense to me. Fanfiction?
9. Edward isn't meant to be able to reproduce! And the image of the baby is so frightening to me. I found myself on the verge nightmares when the little beast was breaking Bella's spine from inside the womb... the bruises... holy cow. That was probably the most powerful part of the book for me. Powerful and horrific! I'll never have children. Thanks a bunch AND I'm stunned (and jealous) that she got pregnant the first time. If by some chance he could didn't she say that all bodily fluid became venom? Why didn't doing the dirty make Bella into a vampire, if he had any... you know... yeah.

9b. Bella hates blood and it makes her sick. Why and how would she crave it and drink it? It's all too flip-floppy.

10... Do you really want me to go on?


Katz said...

I have not read the series at all, but I've had a few friends tell me that if I do decide to read it... it ends at Eclipse.

My friend, Emily, couldn't even finish reading Breaking Dawn.

Mal N' Jon said...

Haha. Well, I'm going to have to disagree with you on a lot of this because I loved it, but I was on Edwards side from the begining so maybe that helped?

But I was surprised with the amount of sex stuff in this book. I mean don't get me wrong-I liked the book-but I'm surprised young teenagers were reading it.

Laura said...

Malorie! You have to convert me! Tell me more of what you liked. I want to like it too...

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

How dare you scoff at my wish for a happy ending! Actually, I thought the book lacked sacrifice as well. As much as I would hate to see someone die, i think someone has to die to make the book worthwhile. So I actually agree with you on that one.

I would encourage you to read some of Meyer's question and answer sessions where she talks about the book. She explains her reasoning a little better and it makes the ending more bearable. It is still not ever going to be on the same level as the first three books, but it did make me feel a littlebetter about the whole thing. I don't HATE it anymore.

P.S.- I liked the pictures of the cute, fluffy animals. Were you trying to soften your message a little bit? Counteract the negativity? hehehe :)

Tracy Ngu said...

I don't know if it helps but I saw an interview with the author and she said that she didn't write her books for any particular age group, so I think it's the book people who are trying to set the audience. I have read a lot of young adult books that were a lot more risque than this one. In fact I thought the sex was very mild. I guess it's all in one's perception.

I never liked Jacob so I don't care how hurt he got, otoh, I did like him by the end of Breaking Dawn.

It's really hard for me to get freaked out so the birth scene didn't bother me. I actually like it that she is such a perfect vampire, I thought it was about time Bella got some self-confidence. I loved that the end fight scene was more about wits then actual physical fighting. I LOVED it that it was Bella's shield that protected everyone from the Volturi's unfair and unsportsmanlike cheating. I am also sooo glad no one died that I loved, like Alice or Esme or Emmett(I LOVE Emmett, he cracks me up), or any of them. So soon after saying goodbye to my family that would have killed me!! :)

She is in the process of writing a new book from Edward's POV called Midnight Sun and it sounds like it will be good. I think she is also planning on writing other stories starring Jacob and Nessie and Leah. So I think all the nicknames she put in BD were to prepare us for the way the Cullens interact as a family when no one on the outside is allowed.

Some things I liked are the interaction between Jacob and Rosalie, I thought they were so funny, it reminded me of how I would interact with one of my older brother's friends that I couldn't stand. Like I already said, I love it that Bella was such an in control and "perfect" vampire. She didn't have to say goodbye to Charlie! Yay!! Maybe I am a sap but I like happy endings and I think she delivered!

Just so you know when I first read the book I didn't like it too much. It was only after I reread some of it and pondered it a little(no not obsessed at all) that it started growing on me.

Anyway, I am sorry the book didn't sit well with you. It always sucks when you have such anticipation for something and then it disappoints you.

spyderette said...

i must be used to trash because although there were DISCREET references to sex -- there was no description of it whatsoever. very clean, IMO.

i am also an edward fan and liked the book a lot. i'm not going to go point, but point, but i disagree in general, with the review. (but still heart laura).

btw, i LOVED the baby thing because it allowed her to be compassionately (even lovingly) changed to a vamp by edward rather than him having to kill her, drink her blood, etc...HELLO! edward is so not that guy -- but saving his wife's life, in a sense -- total brilliant way for her to change.

Manda said...

Haha! I haven't read any of these books and don't plan to, but your post was hilarious. I love the interspersed pics of furry baby animals. Lol.

Jill said...

I completely agree with you, and I think I was most taken aback by the inconsistencies. No clumsiness from Bella, no really humorous moments, and Jazz??? ICK! Seriously?

Bethany said...

So funny to me. I have heard a lot of people say they will pretend the series ends with Eclipse. I refused to read any reviews till after I read the book and decided how I felt about it first.

I really liked this one. Honestly, it's my favorite. As far as the sex goes, I thought it was super clean compared to the other books. On earlier books I seriously felt like I should be putting the book down. I would never let my young teen read these books.

I totally guessed the imprinting part as soon as she was pregnant. I guess that gave me time to get used to the idea.

I so have to say though, I may prefer this book because sometimes both Bella and Edward drove me crazy in earlier books. And, I was always a Jacob fan, so there you go.

I really liked the happy ending. I liked Bella as a vampire. (More so than human.) And I really liked this book. I'm gonna go read the series from the beginning now and seehow I feel.

And there is my little opinion.

Laura said...

Thanks everyone for commenting. I think when it comes down to it - I don't care enough about it to change and like it. I could debate it but it's just a book and I'm glad to have your opinions! Keep em coming.
I'm happy not everybody disliked it.

spyderette said...

one more comment -- and i'm doing pretty good, btw...38 1/2 weeks pregnant...agh!

anyway, i'm confused on your imprinting comment (6b), it's NOT sexual. at least not when the object of imprinting is a child! it's more like destiny. and you KNOW who you are destined to be cool would that be, btw?

Megan Marie said...

I think I am in love with Jacob... I haven't read it yet... and I don't want to be disappointed for him so maybe I won't. Amber Cameron wrote her own 4th book. Maybe I'll read that one instead, eh? Did you like "the host"?

Laura said...

Megan: The Host is my favorite book by her.

Candace: She's a baby and they'll end up married later on, that's what I meant. It doesn't seem as wholesome knowing that, not to me anyway. It freaked out Bella and Edward too ;)

Ryan and Cecily said...

BD was my least favorite of the series also. I am all for Edward, but I didn't think he was as chivalrous as the previous 3 books. If BD was the only book of the series read, he wouldn't be anything special. I also didn't like the new nicknames. I didn't like Jazzy AT ALL. I don't know why she started putting those nicknames in either... I was let down overall by the book.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Oh, P.S. I TOTALLY thought Jacob was going to imprint on Leah too. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't, and I feel bad that Leah doesn't have her perfect ending.

Hilary said...

First of all it cracks me up that you already have 15 comments on this topic... shows what effect pop culture has on people... I have to agree with most of what you said, I won't go into detail except to say that I thought the book was anticlimatic... I guessed pretty much everything that was going to happen and the Volturi didn't do ANYTHING! BAH! Oh well...

grrr-arg said...

Okay so late last night I couldn't sleep and then I remembered your blog post which I hadn't read yet because I hadn't finished breaking dawn. Having finished it last thursday I leapt out of bed and read your review.

I AM SO GLAD that you are as cynical as me. No one gets such a happy ending like that. I'm glad it was a happy ending because I would have been devistated, but at the same time, it's just not true.

The whole baby thing was something i did not see coming. And the whole sex thing... heck yeah I agree with you, a bit too much for teenagers I thought. Even in the third one I was gasping because I thought she was going to allow them to break the law of chastity Haha. She was such a tease about that.

I hated Jasper's nickname... and don't get me started on the name nessie, or Reneesme for that matter. Both of them are disgusting. Nessie is the loch ness monster.

I have wondered the entire time if people have been pronouncing Carlisle's name correctly and with the name Siobhan, I wonder how on earth that is getting pronounced haha.

And the swum thing, I'm glad someone else noticed that. There's always been word mistakes in all of her books, I've tried not to let it bother me.

I think I blanked out the word chagrin because I don't remember it and I also have no idea what it means.

I really don't think this will make it to a movie either. After watching the twilight trailer I've realised that Edward is ugly, carlisle is too grungey and Bella is too irritating.

Bella has always bothered me, because it's like she's never seen Buffy, or heard of Buffy. The way should would always behave was just a constant repeat, she never learned anything.

It bothered me that she was 'conveniently' so good at being a vampire, and so good at controlling her shield, and so good at having a baby. She got it all. The hot boy, the baby, the immortality, the good looks, and her real family.

I'm also really sad that Jacob and Leah didn't develop their relationship further. I thought there would have been a nice story in there.

And Quil and Embry, who just happened to show up. There seemed to be a lot of jumps and gaps just to make things 'perfect'.

And Irina would never have just run away like that, she would have scoped out the scenario. I swear. I wasn't as 'gripped' this time and I was quite happy to put the book down and do something else.

I for one, though, never believed that Alice had abandoned them. Not in a lifetime. I hated how negative Bella was, how she had no faith at all, no faith in her own vampire family, and yet everything worked out for her.

If I was the vampire slayer...