Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy (Belated) Anniversary!

Emma and Niels!
(I know you hate this picture, Emma but I don't have any other ones.)
If I were to get you a traditional anniversary gift it would be made of paper. Here's some things I'm pretending I got for you:
A picture of Irvine (where we were born) - I think mum has one like this?

Some paper lanterns but cooler than these.

OR a picture of some paper lanterns hanging in Seoul, South Korea where Emma was for 10 months.
Or perhaps some spring roll wrappers made from rice paper. Yum yum...
Or maybe The Little Prince on DVD - based on Emma's favorite book Le Petit Prince.

The possibilities really are endless.

1 comment:

beki said...

i fully expect a belated anniversary gift!!