Friday, September 19, 2008

The Beasties.

For Stuart's beastie class he has to kill bugs and pin them to a board. Our living room is a bug mortuary right now.

Surprisingly there's a lot more to it than just skewering pretty butterflies to a board. He has to open up their wings because when they die they pull their wings up, like when they're sitting on a leaf hiding. It takes some skill. I think the butterflies will look pretty in a shadowbox once he's done with them.


Chiemi said...

*shudder* That's creepy! I'm not really sure I could touch dead bugs. I hope he gets an A+!

Rusti said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Bugs freak me out! No lie.

Megan Marie said...

SO when I was a little kid I went to a bug exhibit and saw pinned butterflies and such. I thought it was really cool so I found myself a piece of styrofoam and caught a spider. I tried to kill the spider with rubbing alcohol fumes but it was taking too long so I drowned it in rubbing alcohol. I couldn't pin it! I tried! Every time I put the pin close to the already dead spider my lip started to quiver! I hope I never have to stab anyone.