Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dizzyland: Part One

Sunday am we flew from Seatac to John Wayne International Airport. Everyone was super excited to be going on holiday. As we were preparing for take-off Megan asked me if I'd like some gum to chew so my ears wouldn't pop - not because I had rancid breath. Right as we're taking off and the plane tilts back I swallow my gum. Great. I hoped it wasn't an omen.

We arrived at lunchtime and checked in to Embassy Suites in Anahiem. Fancy shmancy. Stuart and I shared a room with his little brother, Josh. I've not been in many hotels before but I loved the way this one was set out. We were on the 7th floor of 14. Our view from our room was like we were on Mars. Exciting. I've never been to Mars.

We hung out and took advantage of the pool.

Monday: We got up nice and early and went to breakfast then headed out to DIZZYLAND! When we got there it felt sort of surreal to me when I first laid my eyes upon the castle - and I've seen plenty castles in my lifetime but nothing like this. Nothing so iconic. I felt like I was going to die with excitement. I wish Beki had been there.

The first thing we went on was Finding Nemo. We got there early enough that we only had a half hour wait (Thanks Laurie!)
It was super hot by that time in the morning (I won't post pictures of my sweaty back) so Nemo was a nice, cool ride to start the day with.

After that I decided to go right ahead and cripple myself by going on Space Mountain.
Stuart's face in our picture makes me weep with laughter. I love it. He of course was not scared but being funny. My eyes are shut because I was scared and was about to throw up.

I got a little break when everyone went on it again. It was only the second ride of the day and my back was already hurting but it's Disneyland and no-one has time for pain there. Next we went to Autopia. I got to drive which was pretty frightening in itself. Our car didn't work right and ended up backfiring as we were going under a bridge. I of course thought we'd been shot at and curled up in a ball to protect myself...

We had Gumbo bowls for lunch. After that I had to take it easy - rice is one of my least favorite things to throw up and I was too excited to really have any control over my puke valves.

We went on the much loved Pirates of The Caribbean ride. Which was fun enough.
We hit pretty much every ride that day. It was my longest day there.
I ended the day with a churro and apologising for needing to be taken home before everyone. :(

Tuesday: Megan's 23rd birthday.
We set out for Disneyland and California Adventure that day.
I really liked California Adventure because it was smaller than Disneyland.Everyone went off to go on California Screamin so Josh and I went on the Sun Wheel. (Isn't that a cool picture? *pats self on back*)
Never. Again.
What the heck was that all about? Take a ferris wheel and make it scarier than anything else in the world. And to make things better we were on it with people who couldn't keep their thoughts of puking to themselves - there were puke bags in the cages!
We ate at the Blue Bayou for Megan's birthday dinner that night.
Thank goodness it was dark there because we'd been on Grizzly Bear Rapids where my entire right half got drenched thus leaving me with one half my head with wild curls and the other half nice and straight.We got this delicious cookie boat. On the back of the flag it has a little stamp that says "Disney Edible" errrrm, edible, what? I was totally fascinated by it and kept asking Stuart if it really was edible. He said 'no' but why would it say that if it was - I'm sure you can imagine the conversation. I was relentless. It turned out it really was edible! The whole thing was made of sugar and painted with food paint. I think it got passed around the table for everyone to have a suck.

Wednesday: Universal Studios.
Driving into LA I was surprised at how littered the place was but I also found it intreguing. The whole place was graffittied. Most people are aware of my love of graffitti and it was EVERYWHERE! Although the place was dirty I really liked the character of the city. I wouldn't live there but I can appreciate the character, right? Also, the smog, gross BUT the sunsets and sunrises are beautiful, thanks to the smog. Love it.
We got to Universal Studios and were greeted by Frankenstein who I thought was a statue. Idiot. When he started moving I was really scared.
We went on the Backlot tour which was really cool. We got to see some of the sets used in:
We went past Wisteria Lane where there was some filming going on. Big whoop. That has to be exciting to someone else though.
We saw The Bates Motel. Awesome. Norman came out to greet us.
At Universal Studios they have these areas called 'Cool Zones'. I'd call them 'Super Cool Zones!'
Seriously, I spent a lot of my time in those.


Sara said...

You look like so much fun to hang out with. All your pictures are a party.

Katz said...

Fun times!

Laurie said...

Yay! That was so fun to read! I'm glad you had a good time; isn't Los Angeles such a kick?? I LOVE that city for too many reasons to list.

Hey, I have to know... did you make it onto the Soarin' Over California ride in California Adventures? I MUST know!

Also, you're so lucky you got in to Blue Bayou. Good planning ahead! I usually book dinner there two months in advance!

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I'm so happy you went! Isn't it the best? Plus, I noticed you ate some of the food I told you to. That made me feel happy and warm and fuzzy inside.

Chiemi said...

Wow, that was on heck of a vacation. It makes me tired just reading about all of it. It looks like a serious amount of fun though.