Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dizzyland: Part two.

This is Stuart on Finding Nemo. Cute, huh?
This is me as a mouse.
This is Danielle and I outside the Tiki Room where we consumed some delectible pineapple treats ie. pineapple ice-cream and such.
Here I am waiting to go on Pirates for the first time. I'm cute when I'm waiting.
Stuart had to run away from a rolling bolder. He lived to tell the tale.

The story behind this one is that when we got into Universal Studios I saw this amazing statue and really wanted to get my picture taken with it. Turns out it was actually Frankie and I was really scared. Stuart was so scared that he had to be pushed to get his picture taken with the green guy and even then he wouldn't stand next to him. Thanks hun.
Then I thought I saw Tom Hanks and those other blokes from Apollo 13 but it turned out that they weren't real.
Back to California Adventure. This is the Sun Wheel. Looks fun, right?
This is one of my favorite pictures. I don't think we really have any photos of Stuart and his little brother. If this is the only picture we have it's worth it.
They're not that bad!
The last day in Disneyland I finally found Minnie to get a picture taken with her. I wish I'd got more character pictures but that meant waiting in long que's and it is Bizzyland after all.
Then I went for a walk with the Quiet Man himself. He's taller than I imagined... his horse must have been HUGE!

PS. We did go on Soarin' Over California and LOVED it!


Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

I've been there so many times that I have the place memorized. It almost felt like I was there with you. Way to make me miss home!!!

I actually have been going through severe Cali withdrawls. So much so that I made my Mom promise to mail me some oranges from my favorite local orange stand. They're supposed to get to my house tomorrow. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You DO look cute when you wait! Love the ferris wheel type thingy, you got some great shots there. I STILL laugh at your face with Frankie. So epic.

Keri said...

Fun pictures! I love the turkey legs there...I could eat one right now! :)