Thursday, September 18, 2008

Edited: Tut tut, smells like a nephew!

This morning I was greeted with a text message in my email from Beki. The subject was 'Baby Ozzie'.

Inside there was a photo and no words.
Cute, huh?

I just got this email from my mum:

He was born at 10 min to 2 this afternoon and weighed 8lb 1 ounce. He is a wee cutie and his name is Ozzie. Beki is fine and glad it is all over. She hopes she will get to stay in for a couple of days, I hope so too, she could do with the break. No doubt she will be in touch with you soon and fill in all the gaps.
Love you Laura take care kiddo XXX.

Then I got this:
Ozzie and Granny


Jessica and Tanner said...

So cute! Nieces and Nephews are so much fun... more so when you actually get to see them (I miss mine). I hope you get to travel over there soon!

I'm glad you're planning on coming! If you happen to come across anyone in the complex, maybe mention it to them too! I haven't gotten many replies, so it may be just you and me eating cookies and partying it up!

sissyann said...

Isn't he adorable!!!

Manda said...

He's adorable! I love the first pic with his little peach fuzz hair. :D

Tracy Ngu said...

Oh he is so cute! Congrats Auntie!!

Linzi said...

Congratulations Auntie Laura!

Dustin said...

Soooo cute!! Congrats to Beki and her hubby they make cute babies!

Shannon said...

AWW! He's darling and the name is so cute too!