Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm unspectacularly quirky.

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1. I love to hoover. Love it. Having a clean carpet makes a huge difference to a room. Sometimes I do it multiple times a day.

2. I always think I'm younger than my friends. It might come from being the youngest in my year at school but I don't have children and I haven't been to University that means I'm younger, right?

3. I hate alarm clocks. If I need to be up at a certain time I wake up automatically. If Stuart needs to be up at a certain time he sets his alarm which I wake up 10 minutes before because I hate the sound of it. There was never an alarm clock used in my home growing up.

4. I have a salt tongue instead of a sweet tooth. My treat of preference is Pringles. Red Pringles. Mmmm. My favorite sweet would be Peanut butter cups or the likes - see how it's not completely sweet but salty too. Mmmm... I don't turn down sweets though. You can bring me cookies and I'll be more than happy.

5. I hate repeating myself. If Stuart doesn't quite catch something I've said and asks me to repeat myself I won't do it. Instead I'll ask him what it sounded like I said. Usually he gets it but he just wasn't listening to me. If you ask me my name and you don't catch it but repeat what you think I said in the form of question I'll nod my head instead of repeating it. If you don't understand it the first time chances are you're not going to understand the second or third time. A lot of people call me Lauren, Lorna or Lara because of it.

I'm horrible.

6. I'm paranoid about not being funny anymore. American and Scottish senses of humour are very different and I'm scared I'm not as quick witted or as funny as I used to be. I know for a fact that I'm not. It makes me sad. When I have a funny comeback these days I keep it to myself. I suppose I can only blame myself.

I will tag... Emma, Kara, Susan, Faith, Shannon annnnnnnd Mallorie.


Tracy Ngu said...

I think you're very funny!!

Lawther family said...

fun tag. I think you are very funny. And I agree, pringles of chocolate any day!

Samantha and Dustin said...

Laura, if it makes any difference, I think you're hilarious and I tell everyone you are. And I don't even know you that well! :)

Schows said...

Are you kidding me? You about made me wet my pants the first time we chatted on facebook! You are high up on my list of most hilarious people!
Its funny you worry about it though, cause I have the same issue

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine not having an alarm clock growing up and having to get my butt to secondary school.

I need to start the nodding thing with my name. Ingenious.