Saturday, October 25, 2008


What a good busy week. Sometimes I have busy weeks that just seem to be torturous. This week I haven't been in bed at a decent hour, I've cooked maybe 2 meals AND my yet house is still spotless. That's the kind of busy I like. Busy yet with enough time to keep the place spick and span. I do need an early night tonight though.

I've been thinking a lot about relationships this week. There's a lot of different kinds of relationships and they all hold great importance in who we become. My thoughts have turned from happy to sad, to content and to regret and on and on. I've come to terms with the fact that people change and don't have to stay the way that made me happiest or most comfortable. We all have the right to choose who we are and become. I'm learning to let go of my expectations of people and focus on what I would do in certain situations ie. Something that's made me feel sick to my stomach this weekend is finding out through facebook that my two and only sisters in law were in a car crash where the car was totalled. I'm guessing from the clues left on their facebook wall that they're ok but why wouldn't you tell someone about that? Why did we have to learn it through facebook?

I'm pretty tired right now and so I'm a little more sensitive so I'm probably over reacting. And they are still alive, that's all that matters.

On a happier note here's some of our pictures from the week:


Kritta22 said...

Great pictures!
I know the same feeling, chica! We had to find out through myspace that 3 of Chris' sister in laws were pregnant. Now that's fun news! I can't even believe they would post about it before calling close family!! I think it's rude.
On a side note, I have nothing new in my life going on. I just wanted to keep you updated! :) I heart you!

Anonymous said...

That would be hard to read about it, especially after the fact. I'm glad they're ok. Six days.

Beth said...

I was sad to see that you had to learn about the accident on facebook. I should have checked to make sure you knew but thought that everyone else had already done it. I'm sure they have talked to you by now but I have determined that even if you have already heard it 50 times I should still call to make sure you know. For one thing you are so great about being there for them and I really appreciate it. I apologize for not calling.

emma said...

I take it none were hurt too bad? I wouldn't have gone calling people to tell them If I was in a car crash.. unless, well.. I got a contact from my good friend wee em the other week to tell me her dad was in a car accident, because it was a very bad one and he unfortunately did not survive it. So.. yeah um.. just be grateful you didn't get a call.

thinking a bit about relationships can't be too bad, (if we think and act well) its how we come to understandings and improving, developing them hopefuly.

People also have different opinions of what counts as a relationships and keeping contact.. to some it is blogging and facebooking updates to others it is personal emails, to some calls, to some letters and to some a forwarded email.. to some it's giving them their own space etc. People are different :) you got to know them and respect theirs too.