Saturday, October 18, 2008

You thought those were cute!

I just finished these for two little girlies for Christmas. It took all day yesterday to make the little dresses but I think they turned out undeniably sweet!
I'm going to make up one more to put on my Etsy to see if it'll sell.

So cute! I think I really do like them without faces. I might still stitch on eyes but I'm not sure yet.


Schows said...

They're adorable!! The dresses turned out perfect!
You silly girl, of course your not the reason for my crazy day!

bethiepoos said...

you are sooo clever! I am in awe! I cant sew to save myself!
please move to arizona and teach my how to cook and sew!!!

emma said...

I love the fabric of their wee clothes.. and the little dress :) I might try to make a real dress that style.