Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I've mentioned numberous times before, October was busy busy and this month started off the same way. It's times like that which make me feel like I'm really accomplishing something. The more on my plate the more I'm surviving. Anyway, enough of that. This month began perfectly (as last month ended) with a visit I've been excited for since the beginning of the year practically.

It began in January - Sunday the 27th to be exact. I got an email from a Scottish girl who found my blog through an expat blog listing. She lived a few hours up the road and had somewhat knew my oldest brother in their youth. My Stronach traits have often been a giveaway of my heritage. So, since January we've chatted, read each others blogs, facebooked, IM'd etc... we've become good friends. She lets me gripe to her and she gets me. We think similarly. She lets me know I'm not a freak for being so sensitive and that I'm not always wrong. She's become like a sister to me.

On Saturday her and her family were travelling through here to get to a wedding a few hours from here. I was scared she wouldn't want to stop and meet me (I admit it. You all know I'm paranoid people don't really like me.) but she did! They stopped and we hung out, chatted, I fed her children grapes galore. It was fun! If they stop on the way back it'll be more fun because I'll have my voice back so I can chat properly.

They need to stop because I need a better picture. I cringe when I see myself in this one.
It was funny how aware of my accent I became when I was talking to her. It was even funnier when Stuart's accent became Scottish and he couldn't change it back. Haha.


Manda said...

It's crazy that you're paranoid of people not liking you! You are quite possibly one of the most likeable people I've ever "met"! I love reading your blog because I'm fascinated by your life. I truly mean all of that and I hope you don't think I'm a weirdo now. You're awesome!

Anonymous said...

You ARE so easy to like. The most polite and caring person I've met with a genuine warmth and caring for others. I like what you said about your accent and what happened to Stuart. I think it's funny when he starts talking with an accent and isn't aware of it. But then I love the way it "softens" his speech. I think Americans can sometimes have a sort of hard tone to their voices.
At least some of us do.