Thursday, December 4, 2008

The baby bunch...

Remember all my pregnant friends? All 20-something of them? Well, things are starting to happen...

1. Rachel F
2. Rachel P
3. Jo'est
4. Susan - Baby boy: Edward
5. Kathryn
6. Maryann - Baby boy: James
7. Lacey - Baby boy: Tristan
8. Bethany
9. Keri
10. Mandy
11. Kara
12. Tami
13. Shannon - Baby boy: Romeo
Beki - Baby boy: Ozzy
15. Beth - Baby boy: Jaxon
16. Jen
17. Sandra - Baby boy: Hadley
18. Katrina
19. Angela - Baby girl: Angela Elizabeth
20. Stephanie


nava_jo said...

Seriously, something is in the water. We got together for Thanksgiving with extended family, and I had 4-5 cousins even pregnant! Oh well, I guess this is the only time I'm my life I've been anything close to "Trendy" ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

wOW! Look at all the boys!

Beth A.

G. and T.'s Mommy said...

How funny! I love the pictures of your food by the way... it looks soooooooo good! Also love that you got heart attacked! Those are the best, aren't they?

Keri said...

I still have 6 weeks left, but if I can help it you will have my baby info up before that. :)

Lawther family said...

wishing I had a baby by now, but know its too early.