Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have a funny video of Cameron singing but blogger won't upload it and neither will youtube so I need to work that out.
This morning I forced myself out of bed at 9am because we've been a bit jet lagged and have been sleeping in til about 11am in the morning so it was time to get that in check. Hopefully it worked.
We went round to Beki's for lunch today. She bought us a Candies - a sandwich from a shop in town. That's something Stuart's missed a lot. Nothing compares to Candies.
We hung out, chatted and laughed quite a bit. I also gained a bit of an education - a bit embarrassing actually, I'm not the brightest person as I might have thought I was.

The babies went for a nap and then woke up just so I could play with them. Willow still isn't too sure of us. I need to find a baby picture of me to compare to Daisy but here she is today...Here's the Willow munchkin standing all by herself. She can walk but is choosing not to right now. She's so skinny, she looks like a proper little girl standing there. I love it.

Cambi was at school and we had to leave before he got back, sadly, very sadly but hopefully we'll get to see him soon. I really miss him.

I need to dash. We've been invited out to dinner tonight so I'll blog more later.


Daniello Dello said...

I'm sure you know how jealous I am right now. Glad to see you are having a good time :)

Kritta22 said...

I"m so glad you are having fun there!! Thanks for all the updates!

Schows said...

I'm loving loving these!!! I'm so glad you finding time to blog... I'm really going to try!! Looks like your having a blast!!