Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Chillins:

We were able to spend a bit of time with Beki and her babies last night. It wasn't nearly long enough and I hope we get to spend much more time with them over the next few weeks. Here's some pictures of the cuteness and festivities.

This is Beki putting up her black Christmas tree. It was the only tree she could get her hands on. It started off looking really quite frightening but it turned out to be funny/quirky. It fit.

This is Wendy and Willow. Wendy's my oldest sister. Willow is quite a serious baby. It took her a long time before she warmed up to me. She really looks like a doll.

This is Daisy - my twin. She's a super fast crawler and is possibly the heaviest baby I've ever held. When she crawls it sounds like a stampede. She warmed up to me really quickly. She also eats everything and enjoys sharing. At one point she was trying to eat my watch and as I pulled my hand away from her mouth she might have actually been dangling from my watch with her teeth.

This is Stuart and his wee pal, Ozzers.

This, ofcourse is my Cambi AKA the cleverest child on the planet. He brought me his globe to show me where he's going to go someday. He was also showing me where I live (Idaho), where Emma used to live (South Korea) and where she lives now (Denmark) and his house in Scotland. He was telling me the names of the sea's and showing me where I could find Queen Cobra's (India)... He's amazing.

That's that for now. We had an adventure tonight that I'll have to post about tomorrow. I did change the setting on the video below of Cameron from private so everyone can see it. Take a look and tell me how cute he is and how cool my accent is ;)

I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas season. I'm loving being home. I've missed it :)


Jennifer and Jason said...

Yes I do love your super chic accent. I love the name Willow too. That's on my list for girl names.

Melinda said...

It is so fun to see pictures of your family.

Megan Marie said...

darling! Daisy really is your twin! She looks so much like you! Enjoy every second!

beki said...

my my my
my kids are so freaking cutesie!
you'll get to know willow she isnt serious at all shes fast and mean!
mwah! x

Manda said...

Daisy relly does look so much like you! I never noticed until I saw that particular picture. :)

Beth Adams said...

Stuart looks so natural holding little Ozzie and Daisy does look like you. Does Willow look more like Beki or Dave's side of the family? I can't believe how grown up Cameron is! It looks like you're having a blast. What a great way to make memories and keep them. Thanks for sharing.