Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's un-natural:

Ew. Is this the coldest place on Earth? I think so.


Lawther family said...

yuck, I am so sorry. On the other hand.. my boys argue with me that it isn't even Christmas time yet cause they are so used to the Rexburg snow. Here just chilly days, no snow.

Katz said...

That's why I think my parents are insane. They have a house in Shelley and are planning on moving there in a few years.

I'll stick to Las Vegas, thankyouverymuch.

nava_jo said...

-10 EEK! Good thing you have a good jacket :)

Shannon said...

"Is this the coldest place on Earth? I think so."

I think not.

Edmonton, AB
o ThuIsolated flurries2°/-1°
o FriIsolated flurries-1°/-19°
o SatVariable cloudiness-21°/-26°
o SunSunny with cloudy periods-24°/-31°

Change City

* Canadian Cities
* U.S Cities
* Int'l Cities

Sorry if that came up funny, I couldn't figure out how to do the fancy post like you.

CTR2002 said...

Nope... not the coldest chickee. We're colder here! ;)

Laura said...

Is Canadia part of Earth? Didn't think so. That'll teach you to show me up on my very own blog. Crazy Canadians. Pah! ;)

Kritta22 said...

No Canada is not part of the earth but Alaska is and it's stinking negative fifteen right now. So you can just deal with your above 0 weather with a smile...thank you very much!

Kritta22 said...

PS I love the new picture above.

Sara said...

Tomorrow we're going to have a high of negative 31. And with the windchill it's going to be negative 41. So there!