Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things:

I've been tagged a bajillion times with this one on Facebook so here are 25 intensely interesting facts about myself.

1. When I was young I would dream about being American and going to high school here.

2. I don't have a drivers license.

3. I'm going to be terribly sad to leave here even though I don't want to stay. I'm going to miss my friends and my Ward and how fun my life is.

4. I used to want to be an actress but I'm far too shy.

5. When I stop being shy I can be really silly. Sillier than people would imagine although they all know I have it in me.

6. I'm never going to live in Scotland again and I'm perfectly fine with that. I dream about living in Oregon by the sea.

7. I don't like animals unless they're on my plate preferably with gravy on top.

8. Nothing flusters me more than being handed a baby to hold, as much as I absolutely enjoy it it makes me extremely nervous. It's the floppy bobble head that scares me the most.

9. I love hoovering.

10. I love traditions. 11. I have astonishingly good organisational skills. I write a lot of lists.

12. I love hearing stories of childhood memories.

13. Even though I haven't/don't plan on going to University I have serious skills and plan on using them for my own business some day.

14. I love taking pictures. I get that from my mum.

15. I still want to make my parents pleased with me. There's nothing wrong with that.

16. I'm not sure what colour my eyes are. I also just found out that when I was a baby my mum had a doctor look at my eyes because she thought I was cockeyed. Sometimes I am.

I hadn't even noticed! BUT it makes me happy because:
He is too.

17. My biggest fear is that I'm forgotten.

18. I have dyscalculia which is the numerical form of dyslexia. I feel like I've been failed because I haven't been officially diagnosed. Dice games make me really nervous to the point of me getting defensive and going in a huff and crying. On the other hand, that learning disability has made me very right brained. I wouldn't be much without my creativity. Thank you broken brain.

19. I've always been the quiet one in the family and in school. Being quiet in school meant not getting the attention I needed from teachers.

20. I have perfectly straight teeth and never had braces.

21. I'm going to be 25 this year. I'm scared.

22. If things had gone normally Stuart and I would have 2 children and one on the way right now.

23. I want to go to Denmark for Christmas.

24. I was worried about going home for Christmas last year for the wrong reason.

25. I'm glad my parents don't expect me to talk to them every day and some people think it's sad that I only talk on the phone once a month to my parents but that's what works best for me.


Beth Adams said...

I share you fear #17. That and I am afraid when I die no one will really care.

I also think #25 is perfectly normal in a day and age with e-mail and texting etcetera. I used to wish I had a relationship with my parents like the brady bunch or something. That's not the kind of people they are and it might have gotten old after a while. What ever works for you is great.

I'm glad you shared these wonderful things about yourself! And turning 25 is funner than turning 50. Just ask Mark ;)

The Hamm Bunch said...

Hats off to you for doing this tag! I, too, have received this tag a million times and still haven't sat down to do it yet! I love what I get to learn about the person though. So much fun!

Mark and Hilary said...

I love that you call it "hoovering"! I might start calling it "dirt devilling"

Anonymous said...

I love hoovering too. I am right-brained too. You adapt. Don't be scared of turning 25, look what you've done already! Two days after I turned 25 I left Scotland and came here, you're so much further ahead than me. I loved your list.

Beth Adams said...

I forgot to tell you I love your cock eyed picture. The dimple's a killer!

Chiemi said...

I'm totally scared of turning 25 too. Something about 25 is just freaky. Maybe because it's that much closer to 30. Eek!

Lawther family said...

#22 makes me sad. :( But nothing ever goes normally right?
#8 was one of my fears too. When I had Kai I had a hard time bonding with him because I was afraid to hold him.
I love your pictures and miss you tons.
#3 was really hard for me too. It took me a while to find myself again after leaving such an amazing place. :)

Kritta22 said...

We need to talk about a few of these. Update me on our blog! Especially the Scotland one.