Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby bunch update

1. Rachel F
2. Rachel P - Baby girl: Peyton
3. Jo'est - Baby girl: Yo'sea
4. Susan - Baby boy: Edward
5. Kathryn
6. Maryann - Baby boy: James
7. Lacey - Baby boy: Tristan
8. Bethany
9. Keri - Baby girl: Kayli
10. Mandy - Baby boy: Kekoa
11. Kara
12. Tami - Baby boy: Jacob
13. Shannon - Baby boy: Romeo
14. Beki - Baby boy: Ozzy
15. Beth - Baby boy: Jaxon
16. Jen - Baby boy: Maddon
17. Sandra - Baby boy: Hadley
18. Katrina - Baby girl: Libby
19. Angela - Baby girl: Angela Elizabeth
20. Stephanie

I'll be making a new list soon!


Kritta22 said...

Did they already have these babies?? i thought it was just yesterday that you announced all your hommies were prego.

Laura said...

I know! They're being born left right and centre right now. It's crazy.

Hilary said...

You need to update your list :)

Laura said...


bethiepoos said...


did I have my baby? and em.. did you name him?

I am confused!!! why is my belly still huge?

Laura said...

First of all, it's funny you clicked it to find it was you. Secondly, I'm a spastic. My other friend Beth did however give birth to a baby boy, Jaxon... Congratulations!

Laura said...

PS. Can I name your baby?

bethiepoos said...

yes you certainly may!

I am coming up with nothing!!!!
I like owen or eli mark hates both