Monday, January 12, 2009

Big hearts, big hearts are for breaking:

I have to wait for Stuart to be done with the lappy before I can get any pictures off my camera, transfer them to my portable hard drive and then put them on the big computer because the card reader in the printer won't read my new memory stick. That was a long sentence. Not that stupid Blogger will even upload my pictures right now for some reason. I've never had problems with uploading on blogger... Happy New Year!

SO! Yesterday we got up for church. They change it from 1.30pm to 9am in the New Year for us and Stuart thought it was actually at 9.30am so he was lying in bed enjoying a snuggle when I woke up and asked what time it was. 8.30. Eight-thirty?! I darted out of bed and told Stuart to get moving. I was able to amazing get ready and had time to spare as Stuart was stumbling into the shower. He took his sweet time -I should have specified a specific speed for him to move at - so I went ahead and curled my eyelashes - making the most of my time, thankyouverymuch. We headed out at about 4 minutes to 9. I was a bit annoyed but whatevs. I was really looking forward to getting to church and meeting some new people - it was the first Sunday of the semester. We hop into the car and Stuart starts clearing the snow from the windows. Time's a tickin'. In he gets and sticks the key in the ignition and turns it. Nothing. Silence.

The battery died.

By then we were late. There were no cars in the carpark. There wasn't enough juice in the battery to even lock the doors or open the car boot with the button. We sat there for a while talking about how we should have went grocery shopping on Saturday. Now we were going to starve to death.

So we went in the house. I was mad because I looked really cute - like I do every day apparently. Oh well. So that was that.

We went over to some friends for dinner and learned how to play Settlers of Catan. It was a pretty weird day all in all.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a weird day to start your new year/new semester. Semester doesn't really roll off the tongue for me, don't know why. I think I just have issues with using the word "semester', kinda like a sinister juxtaposed with...another word.

Anyway, sorry I haven't been round, don't feel left out, I haven't really been round much anywhere. Dunno why really. Glad you're back and you're safe and sound. Hope you're doing OK and everything. What kind of souvenirs did you bring back? And, did you try a Twix that's all healthy and stuff, doesn't taste the same anymore. Neither do Pot Noodles. It's sick. well, it's not technically 'sick', if you will, it's just sad.

Chiemi said...

Oh that is just so annoying! Settlers of Catan is a pretty fun game though.