Sunday, January 4, 2009


On Saturday morning mum and dad packed up and sorted our picnic for our day out...
Then we hit the road.
They do have books and films in Scotland:
And bridges too. It looks like Stuart is scared. He might be. You judge:
Then we got to St. Andys which you'll really want to read more about here.
St. Andrews is really old. It was made a royal burgh in 1124.It also has a lovely beach. We parked facing the sea and cracked out the picnic.
Crusty bread, cheese and meat. My choice of meat is Billy Bear. Hawd yer wheesht! This is the world famous links where they hold The Open Championship. That's a golf thing. I copied it from Wikipedia. And we're funny. Except, if you're laughing it means your pronouncing 'wynd' wrong because it's not actually funny. We walked from the beach up past the University to the Cathedral ruins. Right before you go through the gates to the ruins there's a War memorial.
'Pro-patria' is Latin for 'died for the Fatherland', I think. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.


Shannon said...

You had a picnic in your car? You're funny.
"Hawd yer wheesht!"
Hide your yeast? That's weird meat. I don't get it.

Chiemi said...

Oh my gosh!! Soo fun! I love that you picnic in the car. It must be really cold there right now. That picture of Stuart with a scarf over is face makes him look like he's going to rob something. hehehe...