Monday, January 26, 2009

For Cosmictadpole:

"I love your new layout! Yes, I believe Idaho has the best sunsets of anywhere
I've ever been. Though I haven't yet seen a Rexburg sunset. My boyfriend and I
are thinking of visiting that neat hotel you wrote about a few posts back. Is
there anything cool in Rexburg we should check out?"

The hotel was fun, be sure to check out their site for monthly specials and virtual tours. As for whatelse to do in Rexburg, for being a University town it's pretty basic.

Food: Bajio (my favorite), Wingers, Craigos.

Cheap theatre - handy after shelling out the cash for a nice hotel room.

The University has some performances open to the public you could go and see - I recommend Extravadance in June, I'm not sure how your boyfriend will feel about that. Actually, I am sure how he'll feel about it, I'm just in denial.

Bear World is just up the road. Idaho Falls zoo.

If you come in Winter bring a sledge/sleigh, there's a big hill in one of the playing fields perfect for sledging down ;)

What else is there to do in Rexburg?

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cosmictadpole said...

Wow, I got my own post! :)
Thanks for the advice. I'll be looking all that stuff up online.