Friday, January 23, 2009

New project:

I'm starting a Ricks & BYU-i blog directory if you'd like me to list you/unlist you from it let me know. Also, if your parents went to Ricks and have a blog and would like to be listed for the sake of being found/finding old friends let me know too OR if they would like to be part of it but don't have a blog help them out ;)

I won't list your last name unless you ask me to - unless your name is in your blog address or title and it comes up that way on it's own.

Spread the word!


Lawther family said...

just so you know, i think you are amazing. how do you find the time, or even think of these things. you are great.

Megan Marie said...

You can list my name if you want. I love this idea.

Beth Adams said...

Hey Lor! Don't know if anyone would care to find me but I did attend before the great school became a university. Rick's was full of the Spirit of our Heavenly Father. I'm glad our kids have all gotten to experience it even though it has a different name now ;) .