Friday, January 2, 2009

To my Cambi,

You're only five years old and already life's throwing lemons at you. My hope for this year is that you can learn more and more about your favorite things ie. dinosaurs, stars and shells and that you can keep growing strong and tall. I can't believe how big you are now. It's insane. I can hardly fit you on my lap anymore and snuggle you like when I last saw you. You're not a baby any more. You don't have chubby cheeks or leg rolls now. You're tall and skinny. I'm glad I've been able to catch a glimpse of this stage in your life because I don't think I'd have believed how big you've grown if I hadn't seen it for myself and who knows when I'll get to see you again? Hopefully it won't be too long.

You're amazing. I love and miss the little chats we have about the moon and the pretending and playing we used to do. I love how hilarious you are. You crack me up and I think about you every single day. When I wake up in the morning I think about how you used to wake me up and when I go to sleep at night I remember your little hands on my face and your little arms about my neck snuggling me to sleep - even though it was meant to be you going to sleep!

Everyone who knows you loves you. You draw people to you, you're magical. We all love you and miss you. Your granny and papa really miss you and love you bunches and bunches. You're the cleverest, smartest, sweetest little boy. You deserve the world (and the stars and the moon). It's because of you that I found Uncle 'Stooee' and I love that. You're my two favorite boys. Thanks for coming into my life and being such a huge part of it.

I was so surprised when you called me Auntie Laura the other day. For some reason it made me a bit sad. I do know I am your Auntie and I'm proud that I am. If I wasn't your Auntie I'd still choose to be part of your life. I love you a lot and most of all. You'll always be my wee man.

Lots of love, wishes and secrets,

Auntie Laura



emma said...

ahh.. he's my boy too. I really do know the feeling- I ask MrA reguarly if we can go live back in Scotland so that I can watch Cam grow and be a friend.. and have him as mine again, he was my best friend he used to call me his, love him so

x o x o x o
awesome boy!
x o x o x o

Laura said...

Cameron would probably be the only reason I'd move back to Scotland. It's a struggle to justify being so far from him everyday and I suppose it'll be something I have to fight against for the rest of my life. You know how it goes.
I had tears in my eyes whilst writing the little post to him. I don't love anyone else the way I love him. It's probably like the love a mother has for her own child, I imagine...