Thursday, January 29, 2009

Typical Stuartiness.

Yesterday I got a message from Stuart on gmail chat asking if I saw his white jump drive. I hadn't.

Sometimes when Stuart asks me if I've seen his keys/wallet/whatever else I get a bit annoyed. I'm quick to anger when it comes to lost things because each of us, in the whole world should be able to keep track of our own belonging. I don't think it's too much to expect from a person. If you can't keep track of all your things then you have too much. Also, if something isn't yours don't touch it. It's just not right. I keep track of all my things and Stuart's. It gets a bit much at times because he loses things on a regular basis and it really does drive me absolutely mental. (Love you, Stuee.)

So, yeah, a message asking if I'd seen the jump drive. Nope. Then a phone call asking me to look for it. I looked in the living room, on the table, in the bathroom - things turn up there often for some reason. I checked every where. It's frustrating to me not to be able to find things. I keep the place in order for that main purpose. It was driving me absolutely batty that I couldn't find this one thing.

He said it wasn't in his bag and that he might have dropped in on the way to school - a white jump drive in the snow. Perfect. But then he mentioned he had accepted a lift to school from a stranger - I wonder if he was enticed with candy? So it might have been in the strangers car.

He came home between classes because he needed to find it. If I couldn't find it the chances of him finding it we slim, very slim to none, zero.

His voice was getting to that irritated pitch and tone that I leave the room at to avoid any head bitings from him or any snide remarks from me, ie. "It's your hard drive! Why are you mad at me for not being able to find it?" or "If it was so important why didn't you take better care of it?!" You know the sort. I can't control myself so I remove myself from the situation. Luckily, I didn't need to move this time because he went to the bathroom.

As I was slumped on the floor checking his school bag for him again I heard him mutter something from the bathroom.

"I found it."

I checked the bathroom. There was no way it was in there. No way at all. NO. WAY.

He came out with nothing in his hands, weird for just finding something you were desperate to find but he had actually found it.

Around his neck.

Mmmhmm. The jump drive is on a lace thingy so you can wear it round your neck. It was around his neck. The whole time. Around. His. Neck.

BUT, he had already checked around his neck at school and it wasn't there so somehow it disappeared and came back.

He was glad to find it and I was glad he wasn't frustrated and that I was right :)

We ended that special time together with some hot chocolate before he headed back out to school.


Brooke said...

OKay I just laughed the whole time I was reading this. My younger sister is the queen of leaving/losing/misplacing things so I understand your frustrations.

Kritta22 said...

Oh I would have been mad!! Maybe it was in the collar of his coat. When he took it off at school, it went with but at home it didn't.

Oh Stuart! I heart your woman, bunches!!!

Jennifer and Jason said...

Did you have a good laugh? That's so funny!

sissyann said...

Thank you!!! You just made my day!!!!

Megan Marie said...

hahahaha i feel for stuart. I loose my wallet, keys or phone at least once a day. Maybe I have too much stuff. That's it, I'm getting rid of my wallet, keys and phone. But I'll keep my computer. That's always where I left it. And I will keep a debit card in the computer drawer, because where would I be if I couldn't buy music and clothes?

Linzi said...

So I laughed the entire time and Sam even came over to read what I was laughing at and he said that he knows exactly how you feel. Geez, you lose one child for 15 min and you are now branded the queen of forgetfullnes...hahaha, thanks for the laugh.

Beth Adams said...

Maybe it's hereditary. Or maybe it's a sign of having to keep track of too many things such as what you are doing for the next activity night. I always have problems keeping track of my reading glasses. I think it drives me entirely over the edge whilst other people just laugh at me. (Which isn't very helpful!) I do get frustrated with the attitude of everyone thinking that In know where everything is. Heck I don't know where I laid my glasses down how should I know where your phone is!!???!!

emma said...

MrA used to do that all the time!

I say used to cause I got so tired of it I done some research- my findings said that if you stop helping the significant other to locate the lost keys, wallet, glove... they'll stop being as careless with them and get in the mode of 'doing it themselve'- it worked!
Tho I felt so mean not helping (at first- but then that was only a couple of times untill it completely stopped) :)

I'd forgotten all about that.

I've hunted the house over for keys to find they were in my pocket all along.. that I'd already checked 3x to start with :S

Chiemi said...

Bwahahahaha!! That is so something that Dustin would do. This post made my whole day. I am going to read this to Dustin when he gets home.

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

Ah, the joys of marriage. So funny!

The Hamm Bunch said...

I am still laughing! Robb does the same thing! So frustrating! :)

Shannon said...

Liar. You weren't looking for it, you were talking to me. ;)

BTW, I love magic disappearing/appearing things!