Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Stars

This week has been good and fulfilling.

-Stuart got his grad report and we're set for April if he passes the classes he's taking this semester.

-I confirmed that we're ending our housing contract in April. That was quite final. It hit a nerve.

-My mum bought a camera today and I set up a blog for her to share pictures and such with us. I'm extremely excited about this!

-Facebook. I love it. I love that cousins I have seen or heard from in years are on there.

-I love that when I hold a camera it feels so natural. I love that I've been able to make friends through having pictures taken. I love that it's a passion I share with my mum -just another reason why she's a soul mate.

-I like how a simple thing like taking fun pictures of a person brings out a whole new side to the individual and looking at the pictures re-ignites those good feelings.

-I love having so many 'sisters' around me right now and that we all have atleast one thing in common to make us friends.

-I love the response I've gotten to this.

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Kandyce McCracken said...

Laura! I love Gypsy Feet blog. I was completely enthralled with it the other day. I completely lost track of time when I read it. It reminded me of some pictures I had taken of feet and inspired me to take more. I even posted on my blog about it!
You are an inspiration to me. It looks like you are all having tons of fun there! I miss it.