Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've been pitying the loss of the spice in others and didn't really notice I was losing it myself. I knew something was different - you did too if you read those depressing posts recently. You can admit it, don;t be scared. 

I got up this morning and started falling into my normal routine. That's a lie. I was going to go back to bed. That's pretty bad. Anyway, I got up to go wee and then stumbled into the room with the computer to check my email when I got distracted - it happens a lot these days - and got to my google reader. I read about someone winning something or another, a recipe that looked pretty good, homemade cleaning supplies I'd like to try... and then I got to the last one. A blog of someone I've never met. Someone that I don't even share an aquaintance with but a lot of us have been following her blog and praying for her and her family. CJanerun.

She linked to this and it got me thinking. The spice is leaving me. I'm going to get it back. Today!


sissyann said...

I seriously can not imagine you without spice!!!

Melinda said...

I just got done showing my teenage daughter your blog as an example of someone who I think dresses modestly and artistically. Thanks for being you, Laura. I'm glad you're hanging onto your spice. I sure enjoy your spiciness.

Laura said...

Melinda: Do you mean the swimsuit over the clothes? Because I don't normally do that :P