Thursday, February 26, 2009

What day is it really?

On Tuesday I thought it was Monday and on Wednesday - which happens to be yesterday - I thought it was Friday and then today is actually Thursday but it feels like Friday again.

I don't know if I've ever blogged about this before but recently I've been hearing words that don't mean what I was taught they meant. I was talking about it last night with a friend from Canada and she was telling me how there's words she's used to that aren't the same here either or they don't even exist. I find it fascinating and bizarre. Although, it's not exactly news to me because even in Scotland words vary from region to region  and for how small Scotland is there's an immense amount of variations. America is a lot bigger than Scotland. 

Aaaanyway, here's some words for you - just basic words, not accents or dialects.

Scottish to American:
Nappy  -  diaper
Pavement  -  sidewalk
dummy/dummy tit/titty  -  binky/pacifier
car boot  -  trunk
biscuit  -  cookie
trainers  -  sneakers
shop  -  store
tattie  -  potatocourgette - zucchini
aubergine  -  eggplant
hoover  -  vacuum
flume  -  water slide
swimming baths  -  swimming pool
play piece  -  snack at recessplay time  -  recess
tuck shop  -  where you can buy your play piece at school
dinner  -  lunch
tea  -  dinner
supper  -  snack before bed
bathies  -  slippers
phone me  -  call me 
neeps  -  turnips
pants  -  underwear
trousers  -  pants
rasher of bacon  -  slice of bacon.  Speaking of which...


kira lee said...

this was so entertaining!!! thanks for sharing!!!

p.s. i love your new header!

Jessica Bjorn said...

In scottland do 'they' say "boot" instead of trunk, or "jumper" instead of sweater? just curious?

Laura said...

Yep to both, I forgot about 'jumper'...

Sara said...

Me too for pavement, dummy, and phone me. I only just recently learned that not everyone says "phone me".

Tracy Ngu said...

I think dummy tit is my favorite! :)

Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

WHy didn't you give me this Scottish dictionary when we met like four years ago? We could have been friends faster if I weren't so afraid of looking stupid when I had no clue what you were saying! :)

Kali Leenstra said...

I love how dinner is lunch tea is dinner and supper is a snack before bed. I remember my dad telling me this, he served his mission in England.

Schows said...

Oh so thats Scottish bacon! Yeah, we don't have the in Canada.