Monday, March 30, 2009

For my mumma.

Dad, let mum see this. Ok?

Up the Duff!

It's that time of year again! I'm compiling my preggo friend list. If you're not on it let me know and you'll be added. I haven't counted them yet so this is quite exciting. I don't think there's very many just now though since everyone's just given birth.

1. Hilary and Mark - boy
2. Olivia
3. Sireena - girl
4. Cecily - Boy
5. Suzy - Boy
6. Chiemi
7. Bethany - girl
8. Mallorie - boy
10. Aileen - Girl
11. Sally - Girl
15. Michelle N
16. Michelle C
17. Megan
18. Trina

Did I miss anyone? Want to make an announcement?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I think it might be Christmastime.

The weather has been insane today. It really feels like Christmas to me.

It's been a good weekend for us. Lauren came to visit and we got to hang out and chat. We also went to a girls night - thanks Amanda. It was fun. I'm surprised how seriously some people take Twilight though. There was a pretty good turn out for the girls night - I'm not surprised the people who raised a ruckus about it until the time was changed to suit them didn't turn up. Sadly. It was still fun though. People can't really complain about not having friends when they don't show up to these things.

When the girls night was over Lauren and I went up to the church where the boys were playing dodge ball. We sat in Stuart's car and blew up 50 balloons plus 3 of those gigantic ones they sell at the fair and left them all in the car. When our work there was done we came home.

This week has been pretty stressful and busy for me. I feel like I've been on edge all week with the photo shoot we did and all the editing which normally would have been fine but with graduation and moving coming up I'm starting to lose it a bit. I want the fun to continue right til the very end but don't know if mentally/emotionally I'm capable of it. So much to do!

Today was our last Sunday in the 72nd Ward. We were some of the first members of this ward when it was created back in 2004. Lots of people have passed through our lives in that time. I appreciate the ones who come back to pass through again. I feel like having Lauren here this weekend was sort of like the end of an era. She came and went, like she has done before but this is the last time. We experienced things in this ward that will never happen again. A unity long gone. Friendships that can't be made again. Service and loves that can't be replicated. It's all very poetic. Time to grow up I guess.

If I was asked to give advice to newly-weds/young families/students in this area/housing complex I'd say this:

You're never going to get this time back. It can't be recreated. 
Make friends. 
Share your love. 
Create memories. 
Make the most of your time. 
Be silly. 
Don't complain about being far from your family. Make the people around you your family. Dance like no-one's watching but know they are and that your free spiritedness is rubbing off on them and making them happy. 
Happiness is contagious. The world needs more happiness. 
If you want fun, make it. 
Don't complain about there not being any fun if you're not willing to make it yourself. If you complain about it it's likely it's come and gone and you've been focused on not having it. 
Live every day with the goal of having no regrets by the end of it.

So after a rather emotional day I'm trying to look forward now instead of grieving the end of this time here. I really don't want to live here forever - or for much longer than the next 2 weeks but I can't seem to shake the sadness of leaving. I've made great friends and become sisters all over again. I've had my burden lightened by some amazing people. If Stuart had gone on a mission instead of marrying me I wouldn't have met so many of the people that I love now. Things would be so much different. Things happen for a reason. We were meant to come here at the time we did. I love that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I was wrong about Rexburg only having two seasons. I take it back. All of it. All my grumping and groaning about bitter cold and extreme heat. Not only is there obviously winter and extra obvious summer but Springter too.

One day it's sunny and hot and the next there's a blanket of snow on the ground. By afternoon most snow is gone. Springter.

I imagine this season confuses all those people Megan and I saw smooching on that hot, perfect for rolling in mud day just last week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Doll Face!

Rexburg girlies, check this out. It's info for today's photoshoot.

Yo! Check this. It's our doll face pictures. There's a bajillion of them.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy British Mothers Day, Mumma!

Hey Mum! Happy Mothers Day! I love you and I'm glad you're my mum. I can't wait to see you again and I miss you every day - usually around dinner time. I hope you had a great day and that you were made to feel special - because we all know you are.

You're my soulmate. We're kindred spirits and I adore you. You're sweet, funny, creative, loving, generous, kind, beautiful, patient and wise. I try to make choices that I know you'd be proud of. You're my favorite mum and I hope I can be just as wonderful of a mother as you someday.

I love you.

-Laura Porridge XX

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This is a story about a boy and a girl.

Once upon a time there were two lovers. He was handsome and sometimes socially awkward in an adorable way and she was a little shy herself, also in an adorable way.

They vowed to be one anothers for eternity and infinity. They were both quite young when this promise was made. They were so in love and gleeful. Nothing could break the happy spell they were both under.

One day in the supermarket the sweet girl mentioned her love of deli meats. The boy scoffed at the idea and called the specialty meats such things as 'overpriced' and 'just as good as the other stuff'. That was ok but those words were falsehoods. Who would let deli meats come in the way of true happiness? The girl wouldn't, she could deal with this. Dreaming of the delicate slices of meat would be enough for her. With those dreams alone she would continue loving them and her ignorant lover.

Many years had passed and there had never been another discussion of delicatessen wonders. Often times she passed the counter and lingered just slightly as she took in the sight of the little beauties and her heart skipped a beat. She recalled fond memories of the times when her mother had come home with little white baggies of chicken breast (and the time she took a bit out the whole pile of meat because she couldn't control herself that one time), chicken as white as clouds, or Chicken tikka, the thinnest of any shaved meat she'd set her eyes on. Sadly that meat disappeared from the deli counter never to be found again.

The longing grew as the years passed. She was ashamed to long for a slice of meat as much as she did so she never mentioned it to her man, the one who was against it from the beginning. A slight shadow was cast over her heart as she recollected the mean things he had said. When they first met she thought he was perfect for her. Doubt had crept in.

Then one day, not so long ago. Her faithful partner came home from grocery shopping with more bags than they needed of Sweet and Spicy Doritos, as he normally did when he went shopping alone. Only this time there was something else. Something else in the bottom of the grocery bag.

There they lay. Alone. Little bags full of love. Thinly sliced sunshine! In her own kitchen! Muenster Cheese! Mesquite Turkey! A beautiful array of wafer thin meats and cheeses. Where did this come from? How did this happen? Was it a dream straight from her private thoughts?

It was not a dream. Along with the 50 hundred bags of Doritos came something else he wasn't supposed to be buying. He lost control at the deli. The angel behind the counter willingly helped him select his sandwich meats. A pound of this, half a pound of that, a little more please. 

He was converted by the mere sight of the produce. He didn't have to taste it to know it was the right thing to do.

Now words like "everyone should always have something good in the deli drawer in the fridge" are uttered from his constantly smiling mouth. No words as sweet could ever be spoken. 

Be still my heart! Get away shadow of doubt! This man IS perfect! Her Genoa Salami addiction would be satisfied...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anthony, the Saint

On Friday Hilary took me to St. Anthony because it's a place she's spent a lot of time in since being here in Rexburg and because I couldn't very well leave Rexburg without ever visiting St. Anthony once. Which I agreed with. She told me about a few exciting things I'd see so I made sure to have my camera battery charged and ready. 

The first exciting thing being a giant log bed by the side of the road...
Then we spotted this ginormous nest on top of a bridge. Everything IS big in America!
We took a Sportsman's access to see where it went. For the first time since I've been here I saw lovely countryside. 

I almost felt jealous of the people who live out there.
Then we hit St. Anthony which made me feel all giddy and excited. This is probably nothing for people who've lived here but for me it was like driving into the set of a wild west film. I've never seen anything like it in real life. Hilary promised we'd come back so I could get a better look. I'm planning on doing a photoshoot there before we leave.
We stopped to eat our lunch so we could go to the park that Hilary really wanted to show me.
I wish we could be here for a summer to experience this park. It was so cool. (Megan and Olivia, you need to come here in the summer and take pictures for me!) It has a huge tiered sandbox leading down to the river, a flume slide into the river, picnic area, diving board, wooden fort play area... it's all just too cool.
I want to play there.
Then we headed back to the car to go to the other park. We would have walked but there was too much snow.
I hung out here on the ski chair whilst Hilary took care of her preggo bladder.
There's a few War memorial's in this small area - and fisher men too.

Another War memorial. I'm all about those. They make me a little emotional.

This might be my favorite picture from the trip.
The river is still iced over.

The play area is back behind the little dam. There are people who live right by the river who have a huge slide coming down from their balcony/ top deck into the river. 

This picture best represents Idaho.
Saint Anthony main street. So cool! A lot of the buildings are boarded up and abondoned. That added to the Wild West feel but was also pretty sad because this is actually 2009...
We went into this drug store and sat at the bar for the best milkshake I've had in a long time. The store was bustling with kids buying penny candy and old people having their lunch. It was cool. I want to own a place like that.
We headed back to Rexburg but not before going past this Boat shaped house. I tried explaining it to Stuart but he thought it was a boat that was turned into a house and not a house built like a boat. We were both pretty entertained by this.
So that was Hilary and Laura's day of fun!

That night we headed over to Olivia and Tyler's to hang out for the first time in a good few weeks.

Yesterday morning I took pictures at a friends baby shower. You can see them here.

Then Stuart and I went into Idaho Falls with Russ and Hilary to go to the Titanic Exhibit. I get emotional at War Memorials. This one just about did me in. When you go in you get a boarding pass that has a name and information on the back of it. Then you travel through rooms that are built like the ones in the Titanic. You see pictures of people, the remains on the bottom of the sea, items recovered from it etc. Then at the end there's a list of survivors and ones who were lost. I survived but my father died. I was first class. Stuart was third class and didn't survive.

I was also able to find the name of my seminary teachers uncle who was travelling first class but was lost. 

"Stead had made two possible premonitions concerning the Titanic. On 22 March 1886, he published an article named "How the Mail Steamer Went Down in Mid-Atlantic, by a Survivor",[5] where a steamer collides with another ship, with high loss of life due to lack of lifeboats. Stead had added "This is exactly what might take place and will take place if liners are sent to sea short of boats". In 1892, Stead published a story called From the Old World to the New,[6] in which a White Star Line vessel, the Majestic, rescues survivors of another ship that collided with an iceberg."

At the end of the tour there are stories of people who were on the Titanic. One was of a woman and her two sons who tried to hold hands as the ship went down. Her sons were young teenagers who were seen as men so they weren't allowed on the lifeboat. The mother wouldn't leave them so they all held hands as the ship went down. They lost hold of one another. The mother survived but her sons were lost, never to be seen again.

That was where Stuart and I both struggled to hold back tears.

So, there you have it. What a busy weekend! 

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today I've been cruising blogs and thought I'd share some of the loveliness I've found.

First I checked the Gypsy Feet email and there was a submission that will be featured in the future. I loved the style and checked out her blog. I've been checking out a good few photography blogs this week and her's is a favorite.

Then from Makaya Larson I hopped over to here and then to her store. I hope I have a little girl someday because when I do she'll be decked out in Matilda Jane clothes. I had to email the link to Olivia because it's completely her style too. Way cute!

THEN I checked my google reader and read Cjane's post and hopped over to The Frog to join in her discussion. I posted the second comment and when I refreshed there were more there so I read them - seeing as I'm half way to my 1000th post and want to know if I should stop incase that's lame...

One comment was left by a girl with a cute profile picture so I went to her blog and took a gander and liked it muchly.

Then I clicked a link and found myself here. And then here.

It's been a nice journey so far.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Top Secret meeting!

When: Tomorrow March 10th. 3pm.

Where: The secret lair: 805

What: Keep your identity hidden by coming dressed as your Superhero Ego. Check here for inspiration. Be sure to express your true super power through your costume.

Be ready to leave at 3, costumes, makeup, everything. Ladies of justice must be punctual AND fashionable.

The world depends on you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sunday Adventure:

Yesterday was our Stake Conference - actually our Stake's first stake conference. It was held in the Hart Auditorium which mean uncomfortable seats. I stayed as long as I could but my tail
 bone just wasn't having a nice time. We came home and Stuart declared that he was going to put together a picnic and we were going to go somewhere for lunch. We decided on The Nature Park and I would show Stuart how to Letterbox seeing as he's never done it before. He made lunch and I printed off instructions. Then we set out.

We ate lunch in the car. That's how it's meant to be done.I gave Stuart the instructions so he would be incharge. He was surprisingly enthusiastic until we saw this...We hesitated a little then carried on...
We took note of the snowy direction we were meant to head in. Stuart was gung ho and off we went.

We didn't get too far because there was just too much snow and it was bitterly cold.
The walk was still nice though.
I mentioned 'cold', right?
Very cold. The sun was out and the park looked nice.

The pond was frozen over. Stuart wanted to walk on it. Tisk!

So Cold.
I don't know.
Getting ready for our together picture.
Stuart's holding the clicker in his hands. When I told him he didn't have to hold it so obviously he said he thought his hand was on my shoulder but was too cold to know for sure. My eyes look crazy coloured in this one if you enlarge it.
Here's the view of the temple from where we were. We cracked out the telephoto lens for this.
It was cold and windy.
Stuart took this picture of the bent over bullrushes aka hairy sausages.
He also took this one and calls it "Americana"...
I didn't kill, capture or harass anything except Stuart... I didn't kill or capture him though. I also didn't do any fishing, legal or otherwise.
I like to take pictures of people jumping. Stuart's always got a good jump in him for me to photograph.
This is the ROTC place near where we live. There's army tanks in there if you look closely.

And that was the end of that. When we got home we played some Settlers online and I made Chicken Parmesan for dinner - which was incredibly delicious.

Then we watched a Harry Potter and went to bed.

The end.