Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Lovers Day, Mum and dad!

One of my favorite things about being married in March is that my mum and dad were also married then - two days later and 29 years prior.

Infact the day I decided when we were getting married I remember shouting through the bathroom door to Stuart to inform him, "MARCH FIFTH!" I wanted to be married on the same day as my parents but we needed to choose a Friday. That was the closest Friday to March 7th.

I love that. It made it so much easier to decide when to get married. We knew we were getting married but never put it down on paper until quite close to the day. Like it would magically just happen...

Dear Mum and Dad,

  I'm glad you're mine and that you raised me how you did. I'm grateful for everything you've done for me and everything you wish you could have done. If I could choose my parents I'd choose you both. I love you. You're the best people I know. You set a great example to me of how loving two people can be even if they are old... older than me ;) I hope Stuart and I can still snog in the kitchen just like you two when we're your age. 

 You're great parents, friends and peers. Thank you for treating me with respect and making it easier for me to be an adult and so far from home. I miss you and hope I'm making you 'pleased'.

Thank goodness for Eternity because I really count on seeing you there - that means you really have to start behaving, dad, for my sake! :-P

I miss you.

 Thanks for everything.
  Laura Porridge xx

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Chiemi said...

Awww that was so cute!