Sunday, March 29, 2009

I think it might be Christmastime.

The weather has been insane today. It really feels like Christmas to me.

It's been a good weekend for us. Lauren came to visit and we got to hang out and chat. We also went to a girls night - thanks Amanda. It was fun. I'm surprised how seriously some people take Twilight though. There was a pretty good turn out for the girls night - I'm not surprised the people who raised a ruckus about it until the time was changed to suit them didn't turn up. Sadly. It was still fun though. People can't really complain about not having friends when they don't show up to these things.

When the girls night was over Lauren and I went up to the church where the boys were playing dodge ball. We sat in Stuart's car and blew up 50 balloons plus 3 of those gigantic ones they sell at the fair and left them all in the car. When our work there was done we came home.

This week has been pretty stressful and busy for me. I feel like I've been on edge all week with the photo shoot we did and all the editing which normally would have been fine but with graduation and moving coming up I'm starting to lose it a bit. I want the fun to continue right til the very end but don't know if mentally/emotionally I'm capable of it. So much to do!

Today was our last Sunday in the 72nd Ward. We were some of the first members of this ward when it was created back in 2004. Lots of people have passed through our lives in that time. I appreciate the ones who come back to pass through again. I feel like having Lauren here this weekend was sort of like the end of an era. She came and went, like she has done before but this is the last time. We experienced things in this ward that will never happen again. A unity long gone. Friendships that can't be made again. Service and loves that can't be replicated. It's all very poetic. Time to grow up I guess.

If I was asked to give advice to newly-weds/young families/students in this area/housing complex I'd say this:

You're never going to get this time back. It can't be recreated. 
Make friends. 
Share your love. 
Create memories. 
Make the most of your time. 
Be silly. 
Don't complain about being far from your family. Make the people around you your family. Dance like no-one's watching but know they are and that your free spiritedness is rubbing off on them and making them happy. 
Happiness is contagious. The world needs more happiness. 
If you want fun, make it. 
Don't complain about there not being any fun if you're not willing to make it yourself. If you complain about it it's likely it's come and gone and you've been focused on not having it. 
Live every day with the goal of having no regrets by the end of it.

So after a rather emotional day I'm trying to look forward now instead of grieving the end of this time here. I really don't want to live here forever - or for much longer than the next 2 weeks but I can't seem to shake the sadness of leaving. I've made great friends and become sisters all over again. I've had my burden lightened by some amazing people. If Stuart had gone on a mission instead of marrying me I wouldn't have met so many of the people that I love now. Things would be so much different. Things happen for a reason. We were meant to come here at the time we did. I love that.


C, D, and S Henderson said...

We're going to miss you so much! You are such a wonderful person and have helped bless so many people! Thank you! Just remember that no matter where you go you will meet new people and create new friendships.

Kamilli Vanilli said...

I got a little nostalgic reading this post. I remember feeling that same way 10 years or so ago. The end of an era. But...a new chapter begins...with a whole new set of friends and moments to experience...just as great as the ones from before. Different...but still great.
I love your is all so true...especially about making your own fun.
Wow...that's about the most serious I've ever been on anyone's blog. I better stop now...

Schows said...

Laura, your making me tear up. That was so poetic, and fab advice that I plan on taking. Life in Rexburg is such a special and unique time. But like you say, one doesn't want it forever. You and Stu will do great where ever you are. You guys are too fun, and will be greatly missed! Thats all I'm going to say.... because I'm a boob and I'm getting emo

Linzi said...

I MISSED missed MISSED you this weekend. If fact, I may have shed a few tears.... I so wanted to be there with you and Lauren. I'm incredibly sad that you will be moving on to awesomeness and leaving me behind. Call me sometime and I'll help you with whatever you need help with :)