Friday, March 6, 2009

There's nothing like a tent to say 'I love you'

Yesterday morning at around 11am I began working on the surprise I had for Stuart. I'd planned it out in my head for a while and then when I started it just wasn't working out. Luckily for me, my hero AKA dad was online and if there's anyone in the world who knows how to do anything/everything it's him. He suggested a few things - always allowing me to better the idea and do it for myself. How else would I learn? He got my brain on the right track and I began again.

The idea came about a while ago when I was telling Stuart about my camping adventures with my mum and dad. We'd set out one afternoon in the summer with enough clothes for a week and drive south. We'd go down to England and camp. We'd arrive in the evening and find somewhere to pitch our tent - I remember once we stopped in a field and slept in the car. We'd take care of the tent and eat a packed dinner or go to the shops and pick up sandwich meat and bread and juice and eat that then we'd try and find a church building so we could go to church.

That's one of the lessons I'm grateful to have been taught. It doesn't matter if I'm on holiday and away from home - I'm never on holiday from my covenants that I've made. We'd go to church stinky and grubby but we were doing what was right. It's also helped me with being so far from home knowing that wherever I go there's always going to be a place I can go and belong and feel at home.

Anyway, back to yesterday. Stuart and I have never been camping before. His version of camping isn't as rough as mine. So I decided that since Stuart is so busy with school and doesn't have time to go out and do anything for our anniversary I would build a tent and we'd camp in it.

That there is when it was all coming together. My dad suggested tying a string from the light fixture to the blanket so I could drape it but the ceiling is too high and I didn't have any light blankets or sheets to use. I pulled down the curtains to use them and they're heavy. I strung string from the wardrobe door across the room to the clothes horse and that's the basic structure right there. 
The problem with it being strung across the room is that I had to crawl under it when I had to get to the computer and now my back is really sore.
Also, I was expecting him home at 6pm but he got home at 8... We ended up having cereal for dinner because my plan to roast hotdogs over the oven hobs was blown because it was so late. Too late to eat a hotdog
He got home and I'd left a note on the door telling him to ring the bell and wait because I had a surprise for him. He did that and I greeted him in my jacket and hat with my little suitcase packed for the adventure. He was confused. I handed him his jacket and hat and told him to put it on. He did, buttoned it up and everything and was ready for our trek to the spare room.

Here it is! Our first camping trip together! I'm not sure what Stuart's doing but his face was like that in most of the pictures.


Lacey said...

how fun! Looks like a great time! Hope you're not too sore now!

cosmictadpole said...

What a wonderful idea! So cute!

Beth Adams said...

He looks like he's having a wonderful dream! Maybe that finals are over and he can relax with his beautiful wife!

Sara said...

I love it! I could totally be married to you. Any time I tried to do anything the least bit fun with Jody (remember him?) he would get all mad and pissy. He pretty much hated fun.

Scott and Stacia said...

You guys are so fun. Sounds like it was a hit. Did you end up sleeping in your tent??

Jessica said...

You're the best wife!! All creative and such. Stuart is so lucky.

Laura, you are wonderful. Truly. So talented in MANY ways. It's just a joy reading your posts and seeing what fun/exciting things you are up to now. Thank you for being my friend even though it's mainly through the computer.

Come see me before you leave? Maybe?

Danielle said...

Haha I love you guys! You make me happy inside!

Greg and Michelle said...

What a great idea! Can you give me some of your great ideas so I can be a fabulous wife like you?