Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer List 2009

Buy a deck chair to lounge in the sunshine
Go to the beach
Drink a whole pina colada slurpee - the biggest one
Go to the drive in
Go to Dick's
Get a Slurpee on 7-11 day
Go to Leavenworth
Edit Scotland video
Play at the park
Go to picnic in the park with kirsten
Take a bajillion pictures
Build a photography portfolio
Go on a walk at the marina by Anthony's
Have a bonfire
have a slip and slide
Go camping
Get a milkshake from Ruby's
Go swimming
Get an awesome tan
Make a kite
Fly a kite
Have a picnic
Go to Popcorn in the Park
Play Settlers
Go to the Maltby Cafe
Have an all nighter
Make picture collages
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to the Highland Games
Do something extra special for Stuart's birthday
Kiss in the rain
Camp in the garden
Have a water fight
Visit Evey and Micah
Play hide and seek / sardines/capture the flag
Play super soaker tag
Make smores
Fine tune photoshop skills
Have a photo shoot with Kirsten
Have a weiner roast
Visit Grandpa
Have another Seattle Adventure
Play tetherball
Grow sunflowers
Drink and Italian Soda
Have a bbq
Make a summer movie
Go to the zoo
Learn to double dutch
Have a family olympics
Read more
Make grilled pizza
Send postcards
Light a firework
Eat at Cristiano's
Make a summer playlist on Empy
Create sidewalk art
Eat outside on the deck
Make a new friend
See the Harry Potter film
Blow bubble gum bubbles
Play Rockband... why don't we play that anymore?
Be responsible for at least one person creating a blog
Buy hair extentions
Eat Ice Poles
Have Stuart take me to a Chiropractor appointment
Send a parcel to Emma
Make a hair flower for mum
Send love notes to my lovies

Dye my hair
Take Danielle to Dick's at midnight
Eat at Ruby's

*bold = achieved
**Share your list and check out more over at Megan's.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm everywhere, I'm in your hair...

With the lovely weather of the last week and my first chiropractor visit of the year and everything in between this week has turned quite busy.

Let's start with Monday, shall we. On Monday I thought it was actually Tuesday which made things difficult for the rest of the week - even though today is only Wednesday I actually think it's Thursday. See? So confusing.

Monday/pseudo Tuesday I had my chiropractic appointment. I wasn't expecting a treatment because Stuart's mum was going in for an adjustment and Stuart was tagging along to chat to Bill about the wonderful life of a chiropractor. But alas, I found myself strapped to a table which pulled me in two different directions. I felt a little like Braveheart in the part where he was being hung, drawn and quartered but without being hung or quartered. Is the stretchy part 'drawn', I don't know. 

We're even more excited about Chiro School now after Bill spoke to Stuart. We were pretty set on school in Portland, Oregon for a few reasons but now we're re-evaluating our priorities. It seems we might be more excited for a school in California because they teach purely chiropractic stuff and not how to deliver a baby - like the school in Portland. So, we'll see. I was checking out apartments in the areas we want to go to school and have to admit, a loft studio just over the golden gate bridge from San Fran is verrrrry enticing. Also living within walking distance to stuff is very appealing, not to mention sunshine and Dizzyland.

Yesterday I took Josh's senior pics and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also took some of Stuart. All my pictures are getting scattered about as I try organising my photography site. You can find some of Stuart and Josh in there back a few pages and also here.

I've been talking to a friend who's a professional photographer and am really excited and hardly scared at all of moving on to the next step in setting up  my business and actually charging people money for my talent. I'm coming to terms that I am an adult and have every right to be friends with other adults. Other adults want to be friends with me because I AM an actual ADULT. I'll be 25 this year and am just realising my peer group is not 17 year olds now...

Tomorrow I have another appointment AND Stuart starts work for Jansport. Sort of sad but sort of exciting - one step closer to the next step in our lives. 

On Friday I'm doing a Secret Life of Housewives shoot with a friend and I'm SO excited for it. Hopefully that's the be the start of numerous wonderful things.

I want to spread silliness and joy through my photography. I want people to be able to afford pictures of themselves AND if they want a certain picture in a certain style I don't want them to be afraid to voice that to me - ofcourse, I'll shoot them down right away but if they're not scared to ask then I've succeeded ;)

I have been thinking so much about my mission statement as a photographer lately. I'm so grateful to have been 'trained' by someone who is so fun and giddy and I'm grateful to be able to talk to people who make a living off this and hear what they have to say. I also enjoy that I can look at a photographers work and learn from that - what not to do and how to tweek my own style a little to cater to more tastes. I'm gaining confidence and feel like I can be the photographer and not the assistant.

I've been thinking so much and eating string cheese this week.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Graduation/Family pictures

Thanks, Megan. These turned out really fun. I'll treasure them.
If you're in the Rexburg area and want pictures done you need to have Megan do them.
They'll be rubbish otherwise.

aaaand breathe!

What a week! We're pretty much settled now. Just trying to find places to put our stuff. I think Stuart's had a good week. He's been helping with some man-chores and relaxing. Right now he's off on a hike with his dad - something he's been really looking forward to.

I've recovered from packing and moving and such and am now ready to have fun. I just need to find people who'll let me take pictures of them. Hopefully I'll find some silly people who like to dress up and jump off things.

I've been building my photography website for the last few days. Hopefully I'm done with the last of the extreme stress for a while. Go take a look and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's a New Era

I can deal with these sunsets.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bye Bye Burgy

Did I mention we're safe and sound in Marysville?
It's so bizarre to think we won't be going back to the burg.
I won't be adding anyone to my "BYU-i friends" blog roll.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Congraduations, gradulate!

I was surprised at the feelings I was having when Stuart was graduating. My love for him grows daily at a pretty steady rate but on graduation day I had an overwhelming surge of love for him. I could hardly contain myself. I'm so grateful for him. I've been trying to think of what I could give him as a graduation gift but can't think of anything that will show him how amazing I think he is.

When he was coming down the steps after receiving his (empty) diploma I wanted so badly to be right there to give him a huge hug. I'm in love and I can't help it. He's great. It's taken a lot of hard work to get through school. He's always found time to study and get really good grades and also to make sure I've felt loved and taken care of. Not one day has passed where he hasn't told me he loves me atleast 5 times.

I love how interested in him my mum and dad are and how Stuart would call home after taking a test so I could tell me dad what percentage he got. I love that he loves my parents and that he thinks of them throughout the day - he responds well to their praise. ;)

I had no idea that graduation would make me feel like a newly wed again in the sense that I'm in constant awe of him - had to expound on 'feel like a newly wed' for my cheekier readers. 

I love you Stuee. You make me so happy. Happier than anything.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He played nik nak with some sticks...

Happy Birthday Cambi!
You're SIX today. It gets harder and harder to believe as each year goes by. First you were that baby I refused to hold for 2 months because of the fear I had of hurting you and your bobble head and now I wish I was there to cuddle you all the time!
I hope you have a great day and that you know how much we love and miss you. 
I'm sorry we never got to say "bye" to you when we left in January. I hope you know we didn't just leave you. 
We think about you all the time. We're leaving Rexburg in a few days and I'm a bit sad because of the memories we have of when you and your mum was here in 2005. I'm sad to be leaving the places those memories were made. Even though it was wasn't the best trip (I'm still really glad you came, Beki) - I wish I could have made it better but there were fun times had here.

I love you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want! I want!

Vote for number 6. You can vote once a day and I'm not sure exactly when it ends. Vooooote!

Other than that I'm packing, packing, packing and it's boring, boring, boring. 8 days until we're out of here. It's so weird. We're still not quite ready to go mentally. Every now and then I'll be sitting with Stuart and I'll say, "Can you believe this!?" and he'll just slowly shake his head quite glumly. I'm still working on focusing on the positive. It's hard when little traditions we've started over the last 4 years are going to be put on hold until we have our own place to practice them. I hope I don't forget how much I love American Idol night and all those little things I've gotten used to. 

Before Stuart abandoned the idea of dentistry he was toying with the idea of getting in to radiology. It seems that idea is back. I just hope we can remember the answers to our prayers instead of picking something easier/cheaper/faster. He'll be good at whatever he chooses but we've been given answers and promptings already that we need to stick to even if getting in to chiropractics seems too difficult for some. Kids can get in to Chiropractic school straight from high school. I can practically hear my parents saying "You can be anything you want to be if you just put your mind to it." I believe that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

2 favorites in One:

I love music. 
I'm an absolute sucker for violin music. 
My favorite song is "Can't Stop" by RHCP.