Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He played nik nak with some sticks...

Happy Birthday Cambi!
You're SIX today. It gets harder and harder to believe as each year goes by. First you were that baby I refused to hold for 2 months because of the fear I had of hurting you and your bobble head and now I wish I was there to cuddle you all the time!
I hope you have a great day and that you know how much we love and miss you. 
I'm sorry we never got to say "bye" to you when we left in January. I hope you know we didn't just leave you. 
We think about you all the time. We're leaving Rexburg in a few days and I'm a bit sad because of the memories we have of when you and your mum was here in 2005. I'm sad to be leaving the places those memories were made. Even though it was wasn't the best trip (I'm still really glad you came, Beki) - I wish I could have made it better but there were fun times had here.

I love you!

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Jon and Sarah Jackson Family said...

Where are you going, by the way?