Thursday, April 30, 2009

Summer List 2009

Buy a deck chair to lounge in the sunshine
Go to the beach
Drink a whole pina colada slurpee - the biggest one
Go to the drive in
Go to Dick's
Get a Slurpee on 7-11 day
Go to Leavenworth
Edit Scotland video
Play at the park
Go to picnic in the park with kirsten
Take a bajillion pictures
Build a photography portfolio
Go on a walk at the marina by Anthony's
Have a bonfire
have a slip and slide
Go camping
Get a milkshake from Ruby's
Go swimming
Get an awesome tan
Make a kite
Fly a kite
Have a picnic
Go to Popcorn in the Park
Play Settlers
Go to the Maltby Cafe
Have an all nighter
Make picture collages
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to the Highland Games
Do something extra special for Stuart's birthday
Kiss in the rain
Camp in the garden
Have a water fight
Visit Evey and Micah
Play hide and seek / sardines/capture the flag
Play super soaker tag
Make smores
Fine tune photoshop skills
Have a photo shoot with Kirsten
Have a weiner roast
Visit Grandpa
Have another Seattle Adventure
Play tetherball
Grow sunflowers
Drink and Italian Soda
Have a bbq
Make a summer movie
Go to the zoo
Learn to double dutch
Have a family olympics
Read more
Make grilled pizza
Send postcards
Light a firework
Eat at Cristiano's
Make a summer playlist on Empy
Create sidewalk art
Eat outside on the deck
Make a new friend
See the Harry Potter film
Blow bubble gum bubbles
Play Rockband... why don't we play that anymore?
Be responsible for at least one person creating a blog
Buy hair extentions
Eat Ice Poles
Have Stuart take me to a Chiropractor appointment
Send a parcel to Emma
Make a hair flower for mum
Send love notes to my lovies

Dye my hair
Take Danielle to Dick's at midnight
Eat at Ruby's

*bold = achieved
**Share your list and check out more over at Megan's.


Stephanie said...

Where are you at now? Washington right? I wonder if you'd let me hire you for a weekend if you are close to me. Let me know

Kamilli Vanilli said...

There's a 7-11 day? How did I not know this?!

sslindstrom06 said...

You have to go to Triple X (XXX) its the best hamburger joint! The burgers are the size of your head and the shakes are amazing!!

Laura said...

Stephanie: If we can work something out you can hire me for sure. We are in Washington right now.

Kamilli: 7-11 day is just that... the eleventh day of the 7th month. Genius!

Simone: Where is that? And are you talking about the size of my head specifically? "Hey this burger is the size of Laura's head!" Yum!

Anonymous said...

Visit Grandpa when I'm there!

Matthew James said...

Good luck seeing the NEW Harry Potter this summer. It doesn't come out until NOVEMBER. Sad face...

Matthew James said...

You better be enjoying the largest Pina Colada SLURPEE on my birthday!

Laura said...

Don't lie... are you serious? I'm going to punch your face if that's TRUE!!

Matthew James said...

"We saw the new HP preview at the Wolverine movie." said Matt with a black eye.

Laura said...

but it says July 15th 2009... i need to see my bishop because I just had some terribly evil thoughts about you matthew james!

Matthew James said...

I think that your info is suspect Laura. I do really hope it is in July, hopefully my facial injuries heal by then...

ps. Megan says, "We swear it said November; IT DID, IT DID! Make sure she knows it!"

Laura said...

They were going to release it November 2008 but it got changed because of the writers strike and stuff. YOU better hope it's July or I'll punch your other EYE!