Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brain fluff.

It's been a whole stinkin' week since I posted. Why has no-one pointed that out to me? Let me tell you all about my week.

Monday: Memorial Day. Went to the arboratem with Stu's fam. It was super sunny. Stuart was incharge of the camera that day which means there's lots of pictures of the flowers and also of my bum.
That pic is from the Saturday before when we went to the same place - before I dyed my locks.

Tuesday: My first official photography gig. Graduation pics. Despite my terrible leg pain - yeah, the back pain is heading into my leg now - I did a grand job.

Wednesday: I had a chiropractic appointment. Did some tremendously painful stretching and tried to work out why my leg is hurting so much. I also never got the back brace. All those tears were for nothing.

Thurday: Was in pain all day due to chiropractic appointment before - that's why I did the senior pics on Tuesday. Chiro kills.

Friday: Did girl band themed photoshoot with Megan, Danielle and Kirsten. It equalled awesome. I turned them into mini-me's by back combing their hair and scruffing them up and by saying things like, "you should put on more eye shadow. Yes, more yellow eye shadow." and "more glitter. More. More. More..."

It was also cool see the natural girl band personalities come through. Like if they were actually in a band Megan would be the drummer, Kirsten would be the guitarist and Danielle would be the singer. Each of them rocked different instruments, it was perfect! And Kirsten is the punkiest kid I know. I loved that.

Saturday: Stuart didn't have to work. The day started well with Stuart making eggy breid aka French Toast. The middle part of the day was not so good. We argued. A lot. Then went to the mall where we didn't get on very well either. Came home and tried to be friends... Yesterday wasn't so good. We're ok now. Don't worry.

I think my favorite part of the week was when we were doing the girl band photoshoot. Danielle was all bummed and down because she didn't have anything to wear and didn't feel the part then when I was showing them the pictures she said how she liked that there are some really good ones even though she was doubting that there would be any the whole time. I love it when people are surprised and happy when they see good pictures of themselves. That does wonders to the old self esteem - theirs and mine. 

Along with my photography I've been working hard on The Gypsy Feet. It's going good - we have a lot of followers and have had some super special guests (Cjane, Blue Lily, The Rockstar Diaries, Team Boo, Doe Deere) but we're not getting many comments? I don't really get it. Any ideas? I'd like our followers to be more involved. I dig all the pictures we get sent and sort of expect the people who send them to be more involved in the site by leaving comments - do people just like seeing their feet on the site? I dunno. What to do, what to do? I try to post a little question at the end of each of my posts but no-one ever responds.. wow, that's depressing to type out loud.

That's the week in a nutshell. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the warmer weather and having lots of adventures.


whitty-acres said...

um without a doubt the cutest pic evar.

Lawther family said...

love the pictures.
I will try to look into the Gypsy Feet again. I am so not good at stuff like that. I will give it another try though. :)
You are such a great photographer I wish we lived closer so you could take pics of my family. We need pics so bad! We haven't had pics taken since Makaio was 6 months old!! Hope your back gets feeling better!