Saturday, May 2, 2009


Stuart did a couple hours of work shadowing my chiropractor yesterday - the day before that he had his first official chiropractor appointment for some shoulder problems he's been having. He's set on being a chiropractor. I'm pretty excited.

The schools we're really looking in to right now are Life West in Hayward, California and Life in Atlanta, Georgia. His references are on the British Lit tour right now - with his sisters so it's going to be a few weeks before his applications are in. Hopefully we'll still manage to be in for October. If not October it'll be January. October would be perfect though because his Jansport job will be done in August. That'd give us time to get packed up, find a place to live, move and get to know the area. I've been checking out apartments in the Hayward area online and I'm pretty much dying with excitement. I'm wondering if we'll want to leave after 4 years. In my mind we're already going to Life West.

We'll be applying to other schools like Western Chiropractics in Portland, Oregon but after some research on that school we're not really planning on going there anymore.

This morning Stuart confessed that he's tempted to blow all his Jansport earnings on traveling the country. It was pretty out of character for him to say that and I admit hearing him say that made me melt. 

When I find pictures of an apartment and get so excited about it he'll come over and join in. I love that we're both excited - even if he's pretending to be more excited for me. We're looking forward to the change and to being part of the real world. It's also made me realise how things fall in to place. Rent in California is abominable. Nothing like Rexburg, Idaho! We won't really be able to afford a one bedroom place but if we had kids... well, yeah. We'd really not be able to afford anything! We'll get by and I imagine I'll be able to establish myself as a photographer down there. I'm going to need an assistant though - my lack of drivers license and stuff.

Oh well. Well! So much to think about. 

Now I just need to get Stuart moving on those aps. so they're ready to send out as soon as his references get back. 


Katz said...

I know someone that graduated from Life West and one that's in his 10th quarter at Western States. :)

I think if you guys are going to California anyway, you may as well go to Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and be in my parents' ward.

Good Luck, guys!

Jennifer said...

Yep. We've been searching for places to live in Idaho Falls. It's official those who rent in Rexburg are absolutely spoiled!!! No free cable and internet is that even legal? hehe. That's cool that you guys are making plans. Good luck.

trina said...

hey! it's trina kunz, i dont know if you even remember me. we lived in UV a few years back. anyway, hopefully you do. i found your blog through some other byui 42 warder's blogs, i hope that's ok. great to see what you're up to! looks like things are going well for you! check out our blog if you like.

Manda said...

Well..with Cali's expensiveness and everything, I vote MOVE TO ATLANTA!! :D Not to mention that you would only be 4 or 5 hours away from me! Holy cow, that would be so exciting!! Haha. I know you'd probably rather be closer to Dizzyland, though. Although down here we have DizzyWORLD! It's bigger. ;) Lol..alright, I'll stop bugging you now. :D

Schows said...

So exciting!!! I'm excited that Stuart is so set on it now, and I'm sure you are too! Laura, thanks alot for the grocery what nots! I'm been loving life snacking on my rick girl provelone! haha I don't know why I never buy fresh deli meat and cheese, but I'm going to, Its so luxurious! I'm so thrilled for you, looking at apartments and such for the future, seriously exciting! Thrilled, and jealous to be honest. We're really missing you guys!!! I could totally go for some Rock Band about now! The second trimester has brought a much funner Liv, the old Liv if you will

Karen said...

Hayward would be awesome. Expensive, yes, but close to the temple, and lots to do (and photograph) for you! I grew up not too far from there.