Sunday, May 31, 2009

The gift of ears:

So last Sunday at church we were sitting in the foyer in the comfy chairs during Sacrament meeting because of the old back injury. The meeting was running over by 15 minutes and the closing speaker - a return missionary lad - was closing up. He said this,

"I'd like to bear my testimony in the language of my mission..."

and he went on and finished up. I understood everything he said and was pretty stoked (did I use that right) that I had the gift of ears to know what he was saying in his mission language. On our way out I asked Stuart, 

"So, was that Spanish? Cantonese maybe? I totally understood his mission language. I bet you wish you were as righteous as me. Maybe I'll tell you what he said sometime."

and he was like,

"Laura, he served in New York."



Jeff and Bethany Davis said...

I laughed out loud at that one. :)

Scott and Stacia said...

Funny!! You have the talent of bringing a smile to my face!

Manda said...

Hahahahahahha! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

You two are too cute. That made me chuckle on a VERY non chuckling day.

Muchos gassyass

F x